Zaid Jilani: Establishment Media SHOOK By Success Of Substack

Zaid Jilani: Establishment Media SHOOK By Success Of Substack

Journalist, Zaid Jilani, gives his thoughts on Ezra Klein and Matthew Yglesias’ departure from Vox.

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  1. I'm amazed that the name Matt Tiabbi keeps popping up in my life again. The last I heard of him he was writing far left articles in the Rolling Stone and the main reason I cancelled my subscription years ago. Now people are calling him a conservative? I think I even heard him complaining of media bias on a podcast.
    Something is definitely afoot in the journalism world

  2. 24 hour news networks are entertainment more than journalism and actual news at this point. IMO, they just fin d ways to rile the base and push buttons. The sky is always falling.

  3. when you complain about "the mainstream media" you sound incredibly naive. All media is fake. All news is fake. You might as well complain about the invention of lying. Other than those with which you hold an express contract, you have no entitlements.

    "Oh no. That person LIED to me!"

    EDIT: Nobody is shook. Nobody is surprised. The ones that are would be surprised by a rainstorm and call it a leftist conspiracy.

  4. Robert Boyle proved that nature could care less about a vacuum and does not abhor them in the least. Why this verifiably weak statement on vacuums exists is beyond me? Please fact check better!

  5. The Leftist Corporate media trying to cancel independent journalists (often for having differing opinions…) Go figure. Might as well be in Communist China.

  6. People went to youtube to freely express their opinion. But with the increasing wave of censorship, partisanship, and demonitization, goodbye to free speech on youtube.

  7. Fox news , msnbc, CNN should model there news where facts and truth becomes their modus operandi. I am watching newsy , a new tv news channel and I find it much better. They are telling facts and truth.

  8. Can someone please for the love of God have a word with Zaid and teach him how to greet people without looking like he wants to blow his brains out? The man has zero social skills

  9. Vox, supposedly a 'progressive' site put out endless smears about Tulsi Gabbard…the same stuff that CNN and MSNBS was putting out. They are just part of the team…sadly, they are just part of the same old team.

  10. Zaid Jilani has an informed PoV, measured in his intelligent analyses and comments. This is proof that "if it bleeds it leads" is not the necessary "news" mantra. Thank you for inviting him.

  11. I think the reason mainstream liberals cling to corporate media is b/c Trump called it Fake. If he's against something they're for it, yet they think he isn't pulling their strings.

  12. Saagar mentioned the ground work being laid by the Columbia Journal Review to have Sub Stack writers "canceled". I really, really, really wish a journalist (you reading me Zaid) would do an in depth investigation on the forces and methods behind cancelations. I can see the headline now, "Anatomy of a Cancellation". Our democracy would be well served by a better understanding of the machinations behind such undemocratic forces.

  13. Vox media was never a serious news media company they picked a fight with a famous crazy swedish YouTuber from the United Kingdom pewdiepie who started his business as a funny gamer, to a funny variety creator yes he extreme however it all in the name of comedy.

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