#WYSC: U.K. election 2020 foreshadowing?

#WYSC: U.K. election 2020 foreshadowing?

On today’s #WYSC, The UK general election results are in and the Conservative party wins by a landslide. Some are starting to use what’s happening across the pond as a case for centrism in the U.S. 2020 presidential election, but can the two elections be compared? Also, The Hill’s reporter, Alex Gangitano, joins us to talk about the China trade deal, and Michelle Obama has some words of wisdom for climate activist, Greta Thunberg.

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  1. The parliamentary system differs vastly from the US. We had 5-6 parties to vote for in the First past the post system, the US only has 2. But the candidate has to be liked and treated as the underdog. Everyone disliked Corbyn from the old in the north to the rich in the south. Bernie is actually liked.

  2. The LibDems (moderates) got crushed the most, you idiots. and other commenters have already pointed out that their issue was BREXIT which afaik the US isn't dealing with.

  3. Wow i thought the people who watched this channel were different. I guess lots still do live in a bubble and don't see the connection. Does no one else see the rise of conservative populism all arnd the world. Whatever you think of Trump, you may you think hes a phony and maybe he is, but he also ran on conservative populism. And hes going to win in a landslide in 2020. Time to plan for 2024 and make Tulsi happen

  4. 5% of the people defected from the Labour party due to economic policies. An overwhelming majority defected due to leadership and Brexit. Going too far left was not the issue. Brexit and an unfavorable leader were the two biggest problems. Fortunately, Bernie has the highest favorability and Brexit is an obvious non issue in the US.

  5. It's the so-called Democratic Moderates who CAUSED all the unwanted migration here for CHEAP LABOR that drove down wages. THAT is why Labor lost. Brexit was about 1 thing and 1 thing only, control of the Borders AROUND THE EMPLOYMENT opportunities and fair Wages!!! Corporate Centrists do NOT respect that. That's why they couldn't have possibly predicted UK elections while all us Rural working class saw it coming a mile away

  6. these WYSC jamal/julia segments are so BAD that random word generator would get less dislikes. It's just downright intentionally DUMB and careless. A vocal stenographers of BS these two..

  7. It’s called the brexit party who purposely spoiled that election, if it weren’t for that the result would have probably been a small loss of seats. Also the media smeared him for months as being an anti-semite which is completely false and he wasn’t clear on brexit, so it has nothing with that fact he is left wing, in fact, that probably helped him.

  8. How can I subscribe to Rising only? I keep getting notifications for this and I only want to see Rising.
    If I wanted this kind of BS I can get it from Fox or MSNBC, or some other ratty ass network
    I want reality not this gaslighting bull crap

  9. I'm about done with The Hill! Rising is the only program that looks at both sides. Otherwise it's just a bunch of Neo-libs that are gas lighting fools. We are smarter than you think… And Bernie has the best chance at defeating the Orange Baboon! Shove another warmongering centrist down our throats again and see what happens. Buh-bye!

  10. Johnson won because he hasn't done major damage to England (yet). They haven't suffered the repercussions of Brexit yet…
    Trump has done MASSIVE damage to the U.S. already.
    Bernie would beat Trump like he owes him money.

  11. No, it's not foreshadowing, the issues are completely different. As a lifelong labour voter I can say the Red Wall collapsed because of a. Corbyn and b. Brexit. They treated their base with contempt and ignored their wishes, many of which (myself included) voted for Brexit and they are being punished by their base. This is more of a lesson to be learned by Biden and the corporate centrists than it is for Sanders who is actually more in touch with the democratic base and the electorate than they are. I would vote for Sanders today in a heartbeat… I wouldn't even have to think twice about it. Come the next election, the UK's Red Wall will have been rebuilt.

  12. The Fascist will win in the U.S. too. Why? Because the crazies on the right live in social media and are filled with hate. Where as normies all over watch the news for 20 minutes and occasionally converse these crazy alt right red pill assholes spend about half their day doing this. Just look at this video alone.

  13. I love how all of the comments are trying to rationalize this massive defeat in Britain, and doing their best to pretend the same sort of wave isn't coming in the USA in 2020.

  14. I’m a Brit and I voted Labour in the UK election. Bernie is 100% more capable than Jeremy Corbyn was. The policy’s although good enough were all not presented or defended well. Also people have Brexit fatigue and wanted it to be over with. Not sure how the US system compares but the Tories hits 42% of the voter share as part of the first past the post system – which shows that once again the voting system is not fit for purpose.

  15. “The United States will never be a socialist country.” -Donald J. Trump. Yeah, the U.K. is a warning. Biden isn’t going to be able to save it, either.

    One could say it was brexit, it probably was. But don’t discount the unpopularity socialism in America and the Anglosphere, generally. No one likes the state telling them what to do and the Democrats will pay dearly for it if Bernie is made the candidate.

  16. Apparently you don’t know what BREXIT is. This entire election was basically a referendum on Brexit, which labour moved away from and lost support. I wanted to him win badly, but that’s what the hell happened. And by the way dipshits, the moderate party was absolutely crushed.

  17. The majority of American have health insurance thru their work, and even tho the press plays it as the most important issue it isn't outside the Democratic Party Bubble. Open Boarders (which is what Brexit was all about, the millions and millions of immigrants that will and can be forced on them) will not win the General Election. Best hope for Democrats is someone the Independents and even Conservatives would vote for over Trump…That would be the ONLY Candidate that makes Ending the Wars and Stopping the MIC and Donors from profiting off these wars that cost us TRILLIONS of dollars, Tulsi Gabbard. @​

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