#WYSC: Presidential hopefuls realize race matters in the 2020 election

#WYSC: Presidential hopefuls realize race matters in the 2020 election

On today’s #WYSC, Jamal Simmons focuses on how African-American women are driving the Democratic Party. President Trump makes a campaign pitch to leaders of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Then, Latinx voters consider their pick for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

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  1. I would like to see Bernie speak about Trump's slogan, Make America Great Again and say that Bernie supports that idea but not as some slogan in support of racism and racist policies.

    Rather, in Bernie's view, to make America great again, we restore the power that used to exist for working and middle class families before American oligarchs moved American jobs, with support of both political parties, to places like China.

    We support unions. We support a living wage for those at the bottom of society, we support canceling college debt for our children, we support a health care system that works for all of America and not just those who have enough money to pay for expensive health insurance by supporting Medicare For All, and we support free college tuition at local and state colleges.

    These things would truly make America great again and be not some empty slogan someone uses to get himself elected to office.

    Bernie 2020.

  2. I'm disappointed this survey showed that raising the minimum wage to $15/hr wasn't important to Black women, especially when more than half of Blacks make less than $15/hr. It makes me wonder how many of the Black women surveyed are above average in income and unaware that 7 out of 10 Blacks born middle class slip into poor and working class? Blacks lost half our wealth in the '08 crash and our median wealth is projected to fall to zero by 2053. There's been no progress for Blacks in homeownership, unemployment and mass incarceration for 50 years. How many of the Black women surveyed are Clinton loyalist Democrats who don't appreciate the devastation Neoliberal policies have done to our community?

  3. Yang is the most reasonable choice. His policies are drawn from the founding fathers, leaders like MLK, and hard data. Nobody else is even talking about automation (the real killer of US jobs), and he's the only one offering any idea to help our society transition.

  4. I still don't understand how you people can group millions of individuals by their race/gender in terms of their voting preferences. What makes a black woman & white woman vote differently? It's almost as if they have personal autonomy…

  5. Well this should drive those neoliberals crazy who keep harking that playing "identity politics" is ensuring the Republicans will win… No matter that minorities make up a large segment of Democratic Party voters that doesn't matter to neoliberals because any talk about addressing social justice issues triggers these neoliberals into a frenzy.

  6. It's not just black women, Older people in general are gonna destroy our country and ultimately our planet🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾
    How can MOST of them not see corporate corruption in politics? If we get a Biden or Harris, we are almost certainly done for

  7. I’d argue that the support of racial minorities is less important in this primary than in most democratic races. With so many candidates in the race, whoever wins early states will likely do so with a third or less of the votes. It’s an easy way for a candidate with a solid base to appear to beat a group of candidates who would all win in a head to head matchup. That’s how Trump managed to win in early states in 2016 without having the support of a majority of early state primary voters. I think this fractured field paves the way for someone like Elizabeth Warren or Pete Buttigieg to do well in primaries while performing poorly with minority voters. It may be possible for a democrat with a loyal white liberal base to do well or win in the primaries if minority voters continue to spread their support between other candidates. I think it’s a huge land mine for democrats to avoid, but I don’t think it’s impossible for them to shut minority voters out of this year’s nominating process.

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