Windham results: Giving the lie to the Big Lie | Editorials

Windham results: Giving the lie to the Big Lie | Editorials

The ‘forensic autopsy,’ i.e, recount of Windham NH proves no fraud, no steal. The election was not stolen, it was won. Despite efforts of some to undermine public trust in results, the process as ever has proven to be fair. Shame on those who would seek to destroy that deserved trust.”

—Tom Rath @polguru on Twitter

Former state attorney general Rath’s weekend tweet perfectly summed up the results of the painstaking and unprecedented process that played out totally in public view and gave the lie to yet another of the claims that the 2020 election was a fraud.

The results of the Windham review or of others, of course, will never convince or satisfy Trumpian disciples who were either taken in by the con or are a party to it. In the theater of the absurd that we are witnessing, an election that reelected Gov. Chris Sununu and restored a Republican legislature was still a fraud because their guy didn’t win.

Who profits from this situation beside the Madman of Mar-a-Lago are the Democrats who are using these conspiracy claims to push a national takeover of election law. Legitimate state measures to strengthen voting integrity are being smeared as Republican voter suppression and disenfranchisement.

Democrats Chris Pappas, Annie Kuster, and Maggie Hassan may want to donate (dark money, naturally) to the Trump treasury. He is their most valuable player.

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