Why Donald Trump Did Not Flip a Single State in 2020

Why Donald Trump Did Not Flip a Single State in 2020

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  1. I can’t believe Biden is taking credit for trumps vaccines. It’s disgusting, dishonest and disgraceful. I can’t believe he can be so low. Me just finding out about it makes me ashamed he should be too and then has the audacity to lie and say trump’s administration didn’t pay for enough. They had enough for 550 million people more than enough after cleared by fda. If trump won this fact would be broadcasted but a good amount of people do not know this and believe this hack’s words. I knew Joe was bad but I didn’t think he was this despicable. All in all the truth not being shown is truly what bothers me. Trump may have lost but the least you can do is give credit where it’s due don’t take it all. Joe even get vaccinated under his term what the hell does he not remember🤦‍♂️ his supporters don’t like it but the truth needs to be said

  2. I recall Donald Trump boasting that he had won by a landslide in 2016. Of course, first thing I thought was basically : "No man, you just won 306, that's like 60 electoral votes short of what Barack Obama achieved in 2008!" Then I reconsidered the whole story, and it got me thinking : by 21st century-GOP standards, Donald Trump's performance in the electoral college was stellar, he won more EVs in 2016 than GWB in 2000 and 2004. Remember : we're talking about a context in which GOP has said goodbye to the west coast, most of the north-east, VA, CO, NM, and in which PA, MI and WI were previously thought as out of reach for them.

  3. Part of it was that Trump spent 4 years labeling all of the states that voted against him as enemies and either actively tried to hurt them specifically or at the very least insult them every chance he got.

  4. Maybe because he is deeply disliked and never had an approval rating over 50% in his presidency. He sucks and could have easily won re-election if he wasn't such a massive dipshit.

  5. Donald Trump lost because of Covid-19. These mail in votes. He lost swing states he was winning overnight. Like Bush Sr, he failed to build relationships within his own party.

  6. The core Republican goal is actually an ancient one, they are the powerful and wealthy elite who feel entitled to protect what they have against what they see as theft by the majority, using majority-rules government. So they have spent a great deal of time throwing spokes into the wheels of democratic government, both formally ("government IS the problem") and by means of distractions ("vote your cultural resentments, not your economic interests"). And Republicans have become especially ferocious in the use of these techniques since the modern era of American prosperity for the masses occurred under the New Deal.

    GOP strategists are opportunists, and they are very quick to notice groups who are disadvantaged by progress. And if there is one constant to history, it is that EVERY technological and social advance disadvantages some people in concrete ways, and makes many others uneasy that they might be suffer. Draw a historical line from the Luddites who lost their jobs and protections to new machinery in the early 1800s to coal miners today. Add in all the people who have tried to survive on family farms, run family businesses in small towns, worked high wage industrial jobs…

    This has always been the case, but GOP strategists have been brilliant at providing all these people with a political home, and, more to the point, people to blame for their woes (and anticipated woes).

    Such people are scared and angry. And scared, angry people do not always come across as attractive in their distress. But although GOP strategists inflamed these feelings, the feelings originate in a real place, and many of the scapegoats are, well, benefiting from the changes if not actually causing them.

    And, best of all from a GOP perspective, these technological changes (probably the social ones as well) are irreversible, so these voters' distress is not going away. Those Luddite workers did not get rid of the machines, those family businesses are not going to escape the competition of malls and the internet, etc.

    And almost 100% of these distressed people are natural Democratic voters, they are have-nots who would normally be opponents for the political movement actually in command of the Republican Party.

  7. the reason is covid and our fptp voting method. trump wasnt able to flip anything because he already had peak performance in 2016, theres no way in hell trump was ever going to flip the 2016 blue states.

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