Why Bernie Sanders Defeats Donald Trump in a 2020 Election Matchup

Why Bernie Sanders Defeats Donald Trump in a 2020 Election Matchup

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  1. I don’t agree with this at all. Bernie would get absolutely crushed if he was the nominee because socialism is a nonstarter for most Americans. Plus he would be further hurt by all the skeletons in his closet (praising Nicaraguan dictators, honeymooning in the Soviet Union) and the average swing voter would be bombarded with ads about poverty in Venezuela and homeless people defecating on the sidewalk in San Francisco.

    Bernie would get blown off the field and take our House majority down with him. That’s why I supported Biden in the primary. In his string of losses, it’s become apparent that Bernie Sanders only appeals to teenagers and college students. Teenagers and college students are the only group he’d win in the general.

  2. Alright I’ve got to call you out on this one. Bernie winning Pennsylvania? No way. He’s strongly in favor of banning fracking, a big industry in Pennsylvania. Do your homework buddy!.

  3. I actually heavily disagree with your analysis, for a few reasons: the first is the economy. It is nearly impossible to beat a sitting President when the economy is doing well. In fact, the only time I personally have seen it happen in my time studying Presidential elections, was when the sitting President decided not to run for re-election and died three months after leaving office. It is undeniable that Donald Trump has the best economy of any American President on record, and has been doing a pretty good job as President in general. The second is Bernie Sanders himself. Senator Sanders is not a productive member of society. He didn't have a job till he was in his forties, all of them being in government. His plans are WAY too expensive (around 97.5 TRILLION over 10 years, more than double the entire federal budget for the same amount of time), and he is an admitted socialist. The American People do not like socialist and socialism in general. The next reason, is President Trump himself. Yes he is not the best person to be president, but he is more popular than people realize. Trumps approval rating, is nearly identical to President Obama's during the same amount of time in office. If you use likely voters alone, it is identical to Obama's approval rating. In New Hampshire alone, Trump got more votes than George W Bush and Barack Obama combined when they were running for re-election. Trump has also shown he does get results, while Bernie promises everyone the moon with no way to pay for it. Not to mention, there is also historical Precedence: the more radical the candidate is, the far less likely they are to win. Perfect example is George McGovern in 1972. Bernie is more left than any candidate in the race right now. If he wins the nomination, i think the Democrats hand the election to Trump.

  4. I see Bernie winning this election but there is no Democrat that will win Ohio. It just won’t happen this election cycle. It’s too far to the right at the moment.

  5. He is more liked by African Americans then most people think, especially the younger ones. My State Rep is endorsing him and the neighborhing one as well and they are young African Americans. I live in South Carolina by the way

  6. I have never seen a more retarded map in my life sorry Ohio is going to Trump he wanted by over three hundred thousand votes you are an idiot

  7. Bernie Sanders will never win in 2020. The majority of Americans DO NOT want socialism. Besides, President Trump will destroy Bernie Sanders in any debate.
    Socialism always leads to failure and eventually self-destruction. On top of that, socialism is a precursor to communism and eventually dictatorship/tyranny. Then there’s the fact, socialism escalates the consumption of resources; depending upon the size of a population determines how much of an escalation of resources are consumed. Socialism may spread the wealth, but every time a social system and/or program is implemented; taxation among the entire population will increase every time. Eventually to the point where we the people will not be able to support ourselves individually or family’s.
    Those who support Bernie Sanders are brainwashed idiotic losers. Wrapped up in a bubble filled with delusions and no grasp of reality.
    One thing is for certain, if by some chance Bernie Sanders wins in 2020. The outcome will be a 2nd Civil War, which will be far bloodier and no prisoners.

  8. This guy is so far left. I don't see how your party unifies under Bernie. He is a weak candidate and even voters like Timcast will not vote for him. Therefore, Trump will win.

  9. Trump wins the same way as in ' 16. 3 of 5 large states, and many others that liberals – socialists – progressives don't care about. The America they forget.

  10. Very nice. But never happen. Trump said at the state of the Union. " We will never be a socialist country." And he will repeat that with Sanders.

  11. Can Bernie Sanders win Virginia? I keep hearing that Virginia voters tend to be more center-right and prefer more establishment democrats and only Joe Biden could carry VA in the general election, and that if any dem other than Joe Biden is nominated, VA will be a swing state again.

  12. A BIT premature but I suppose a VLOG has to get made. Right now everybody is being somewhat polite about all of Sander's policies but let's see this analysis if he is the lone man standing AND has to stand up to the questions with detailed answers as to how we pay for all this free stuff and what happens to the world when Irag, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria etc. etc. when he pulls all the troops out of the Middle East. Just think about how much BIG money will pour in for the Anti Bernie candidate if Sanders was to actually get the nomination. Biden sucks as a leader but frankly it is true that he presents more of a race for Trump. He is a Dem that is as about as close to a moderate as you will get. Damn, could this end up as a Convention calling for HRC to save the day ? How far we have come !

  13. I liked Bernie and he could have won 2016 if not screwed by Clinton.
    However after seeing him get deplatformed by the 2 overbearing BLM's women I no longer think he has what it takes.
    If he just stands there and takes it from those 2 then what is he going to do with overbearing world leaders?
    Until he fixes that issue in himself he wont have my vote.

  14. Yeah I heard that Bernie supporters will start killing people if he don't get elected! Let that sink in ! these people are MENTAL !!! to all you DUMBASSES who vote for Bernie. He will NEVER be President! and AMERICA will NEVER BE A SOCIALISTS COUNTRY!

  15. We gotta make sure Sanders gets the nomination, if he does his victory over Trump is assured. People realize more each day Trump is a liar and a psychopath. And the more they see Bernie talk, the more they realize he is the one they can trust. Polls underestimate Bernie's support, but they're about to learn!

  16. Dude, wtf are you on to think biden has better % of black voters… seriously how dumb of a rubbish opinion are you trying to peddle with that… the same shit was said about Hillary with black voters and she lost to Bernie by no laughing matter…

  17. This is the best thing I've heard all week , lol , mark my words. This election will be historic and a few democratic strongholds will flip. Its obvious if you use common sense. Trump will destroy the dems this time . If for some reason he doesn't then there has been corruption and likely a major conflict or war will follow.

  18. A fake populist leader against the real thing – this is the match up that Trump and his campaign have to be most concerned with. What dirt can Trump throw at Bernie that isn't retarded? "CRAZY bernie". Or that he'll turn the U.S.into Venezuala? As if. Now if the candidate is any of the other top tier candidates, there is a plethora of jobs that Trump can throw that have a good chance of sticking because there are a multitude. If Biden wins, he better be ready for all the shit Trump can throw his way and be right about. Lol.

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