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Without further ado, this is my UPDATED 2020 Presidential electoral map predictions between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Please comment if you disagree with any of my current predictions! Here are the time stamps for my video:
0:00 Introduction
0:20 Safe Blue States
0:48 Safe Red States
1:45 Likely Blue States
2:55 Likely Red States
4:30 Lean States
4:43 Georgia
5:25 North Carolina
6:38 Maine
7:20 New Hampshire
7:57 Michigan
9:00 Tilt “Swing” States
9:20 Florida
10:35 Minnesota
11:45 Pennsylvania
12:28 Wisconsin
13:35 Arizona
14:45 Maine’s 2nd Congressional District
15:40 Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District
16:18 Conclusion

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  1. Joe Biden will win PA. It’s very rare for a presidential candidate to lose their hometown/home base. And if Joe picks Abrams as his VP, which seems likely with his female candidate choice, not wanting to remove a dem senator, and BLM movement, it’s possible Biden easily wins GA. I’d also be mindful of Arizona. State nearly turned blue in 2016 and a dem senator was voted in (Sinema)

    PA and GA alone would lead Biden to victory. PA, GA, and AZ would be a blowout.

  2. Mark Smelly Kelly in Arizona could be problematic. Hard for a party to win a Senate seat and lose the whitehouse and vice versa. In 2000, Rick Santorum did but it is hard. I believe that Arizona will cost Trump the White House unless he rebounds in Pennsylvania. Arizona is getting more diverse and urban.

  3. Yeah I agree with this map mostly except I think PA will lean republican. PA’s voter turnout in the primary for trump was more than for Biden and there was no point. I don’t think Biden can get enough enthusiasm tbh. I live in central PA and there are only trump signs up (although it’s still pretty early) in 2012 there were plenty of Obama signs, but not many Clinton ones in 2016.

  4. Trump is going to win much bigger than you think, and I am biased and like Trump but I am also an EXdemocrat that left the party and I think my judgement is pretty sound on this.

    Plus all the data shows Biden and Democrats cannot keep up, they don’t have the momentum and the democrat party itself is extremely divided AND they have lost people like me.

  5. Solid prediction.

    I respect LTE, but he's not paying enough attention to how much Minnesota and New Hampshire are in play this year. Folks saying Biden is favorite in Arizona have to acknowledge that a state that's gone red for 24 years is going to be tough to turn blue.

  6. It'll ultimately come down to Wisconsin and Arizona. IDK why people even really have NE-02 in contention, it's only been won once since the 60's and that was in an election with a pretty big Democratic landslide with a candidate that did very well in the Midwest (even flipped IN), which ain't gonna happen this time. It'll go red like the rest of Nebraska. Trump will also likely hold ME-02 as well. Biden will probably flip PA and MI, but Trump could just as easily hold in those states as well, but I don't think it's extremely likely. AZ and WI are the main two states that truly matter, and either Trump or Biden could win them. The election is a coin toss at this point IMO.

  7. Wow a Republican suite go figure not! So of those states Hilary Clinton won. Anyway hey I guess you not realizing the current nation's unrest? Oh well the nation in love with Trump. I guess you did assume any minorities not voting.

  8. PA goes to Biden, for a lot of reasons (polls, 2018 results, women); MI goes to Biden (Gov. Whitmer popularity, polls, 2018 results); AZ goes to Biden (polls, Mark Kelly, migration from CA).

  9. Hey bro, a reasonable prediction but you kinda missed some of the margins.
    He really didn't win Maine 2nd narrowly.
    It was almost tied in the polls but he won it by over 10%!!
    A safe margin, and it being very rural probably means he is gonna win almost every county there and indubitably win it by more than 5%, as well the 2018 it was a fluke there.
    It is definitely not a bellwether, people just thought it was in 2016 but the polls missed it by the highest margin in history I believe.
    And, no, Republicans held Nebraska's second district in 2018 actually, but only cuz the Democratic candidate was a dishrag goofball….

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