When will we know the winner of the presidential election?

When will we know the winner of the presidential election?

With the 2020 election being conducted as no other election has been before, Election Day will also look very different this year. For starters, there’s a better-than-usual chance we won’t know who won the presidential election by the end of the night.

So when will we know who will be elected president of the United States?




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  1. It is not hard to comprehend. This is America. You have to have facts to support what you are claiming, and even with proof, Republicans must show it was enough to change the results.Trump could say that he is not leaving, he is not conceding. However, according the Twentieth Amendement to the Constitution, the candidate with the most electoral votes (Biden, 306 -Trump, 232) becomes president at 12:00 p.m. on january 20. The current president's term is therefore over on that day, just before noon. And all of the priviledge of the government, of the military, of the civil service, switches to Joe Biden, the winner of the November 3 election, and Donald Trump will become a private citizen, regardless of anything Donald Trump does.Is this really hard to comprehend?https://youtu.be/24QKYig1prU

  2. Last Chance time for the people to come together and show you who they voted for not who you choose who the people choose God Bless America and the first man in the Free world Donald J Trump president of the United States of America voted in by the people for the people AMEN

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