When Can We Expect Results Of The Election? | TODAY

When Can We Expect Results Of The Election? | TODAY

More than 93 million ballots have already been cast in the election, and in some states they are being counted even now. But the final tally in several battlegrounds could be delayed for days or longer, triggering potential legal battles. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY.
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When Can We Expect Results Of The Election? | TODAY


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  1. Don't buy this puppet show! They are selected not elected, and our vote should be on the ONLY one who can save us from what's about to take place.. Yahusha Messiah!! (Jesus Christ) They serve the "god" of this world (satan) and they are setting the stage for the new world order Antichrist system! Do not take the beast's mark! Repent and trust in the Gospel! 🙏

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  3. This mail in system has almost no checks and balances. Who are these people are they all real?? Why can't the greatest country on earth do this simple thing of verification oh yeah… Biden is cheating

  4. Why would they pause counting? it only detracts from the credibility of a process already questioned because of so many rule changes slanted towards a democrats. We already know the Democrats basically harvested all possible votes for ballots based on their registered voters while Republicans had to really vote.
    Democrats now know the size they need to win so they're stopping the counting and faking the ballots. And all the news media isn't calling it, are we surprised by a media which hates this president? They won't call this even if we know Trump won and after election day the Democrats will just conviently be finding more and more ballots here and there. Fraud! There are reports from people on the ground on Twitter already, fraud being committed by Democrats.

  5. This country has turned criminal. The media is so criminal giving symbolic win to biden already. I have never seen such a lie. The easiest way to scam a country is this voting mechanism. It’s sick. It’s pitiful. This should not happen.

  6. Ohio law is a joke. The criminality of these states. This entire system has ruined this country. The powers that be are whores. And that’s why the children of America have had it. Who wants to be born into an evil system like this crap. The people are jokes

  7. The entire system must be redesigned. The people in America can no longer deal with these political hacks and power freaks. We want humanity back. They have enslaved us all in this rotten power system that’s fake and controlled while we have to be puppets around with this crap. We deserve better. We do not need this system or it’s leaders who live power and money. They have destroyed the soul of America.

  8. Trump ran a casino. If he allowed someone bet on black, and call it a win while the ball is still rolling, no wonder it went bankrupt.
    "All the votes are cast! And now they want to COUNT THEM???!!! THAT"S CHEATING!!!"

  9. that's a terrible thing when people like Joe Biden and his family can extort money from foreign countries to support their families habits it's a bad time in America when people like Hillary Clinton can sell young girls to people like Epstein and they cover it up they got a lot to cover up that's why they can't afford to let Trump have another 4 years to expose them

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