What Rogan controversy reveals about media attacks on Bernie

What Rogan controversy reveals about media attacks on Bernie

Journalist Anya Parampil gives her take on the attacks being launched against Bernie Sanders.

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  1. Joe rogan did not endorse Bernie LOL. Watch JRE Clips Joe did where he clarified he Likes Bernie, but also likes Tulsi AND Yang🔥 — you guys are twisting the facts JUST LIKE big media 😂😂😂 i guess sooner or later all media needs to fall into place to play

  2. Not liking Suugar or however you spell it.. I’ve spread your show since you had 16000 followers.. stop spreading disinformation. Cenk and Bernie had a consensual agreement on the withdrawal endorsement. Love Krystal and love the facts she relays.. Bernie is a Jew so why would he criticize his own race. I nominate Krystal as journalist of the year..she should win an award. For sure. Anvil Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism!

  3. I'm going to cut Saagar some slack and assume that his comment was more about time constraints and less about their difference of opinion on the Israel/Palestine issue.
    It's very unfortunate how he phrased it, but they were honestly not in a position to go into that subject in depth in this segment.
    Perhaps they should consider covering it in a future segment so that we can see what his views actually are.

  4. I was expecting Saagar to have done some "shut it down" level of chutzpah by the comments in this section. And yet all he does is say "I don't want to litigate all of this right now" after she rants about Israel for 5 straight minutes, then agrees that criticism of Israel is not anti-semitism.

    I'm about as critical of Israel as one can get, but you clowns are genuinely intolerant buffoons if you think Saagar did anything wrong here. The same people moaning about anti-war leftists being smeared for criticism of Israel go on to engage in that same behavior towards those who defend Israel.

  5. Berine Sanders is a coward, he has no courage when he does not support all the people that support him. That why I support Tulsi Gabbard. I will support him when he put Tulsi Gabbard on his presidential ticket, otherwise NO.

  6. He doesn’t want to re-litigate ‘that’? Then simply hush (unless your guest is disingenuously telling mistruths) and allow your guest the courtesy to complete her sentence without interference . Unprofessional. He has drawn more attention to what preempted. Maybe that was his intention. Let’s all take look t the coverage both he and “Rising” have devoted to that particular subject.

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