What if Bill Clinton ran for a THIRD TERM in 2020?

What if Bill Clinton ran for a THIRD TERM in 2020?


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  1. I agree with both party’s on certain things so I usely side with who is more in the middle. But taking my views aside. Trump wouldent lose that bad becuase trump could use a lot of the stuff he used against Hillary against bill. It’s really how Trump attacks his opponents that makes him hated by so many but loved by others and that would end up probably ether making him use by a very narrow margin or a win. So I respectfully disagree

  2. Montana only went blue in '92 due to the Perot factor, as did Arizona in '96. Missouri and Arkansas have swung so far to the right that they didn't even vote for Obama in a recession, and Florida has never not voted for an incumebent since 1980, so I don't know why you have Trump losing it when it's also his 2nd home state. Trump also has decent approval ratings in Texas, North Carolina and Georgia, all states Bill Clinton lost in 1996. Iowa also went for Trump heavier than Texas did, so that's gone for Clinton. The Dem's have shot themselves in the foot in Ohio, so they're not getting that back soon, especially against an incumbent, and considering Clinton's scandals, there's no way he'd win states like New Hampshire and Nevada again.

  3. Bernie supporter here, Trump would annihilate Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton any time again, seeing as the policies they'd run on don't turn out the base

  4. I usually agree with a majority of your state calls, but not on this one. I honestly think you’re being way too generous to Clinton. The country is too polarized for some of those states to go to Bill. This isn’t the 90s anymore

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