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  2. Trump never lost this was a fraudulent election they prove they were more paper ballots than voters they had made up paper ballots for each county this was a fraudulent election no doubt about it and Trump has every right to be upset just like all of his base are upset because this was a fraudulent election and he has the proof

  3. Reporter: Will you concede if you lose the election?

    Trump: We'll have to see what happens. Maybe I will concede, or maybe I won't and throw a temper tantrum over the course of multiple weeks while spreading conspiracy theories about the election, threatening people in my own party to overthrow the will of the people in multiple states while throwing my allies under the bus simply for doing their job and reporting on my loss, all culminating in a riot of my supporters storming the capitol, looking for the head of my vice president, and killing a few people too while I intentionally withhold sending the national guard in doing so, leading to me losing my social media accounts while also my business ties as I leave my party in tatters with an uncertain future ahead of it. It could go either way, but we'll see.

  4. People don't like him, that's why he lose. If people love him more than people hate him he will be in victory. I'm not American, just wanted to show i'm happy for Joe Biden for winning the election.

  5. Covid is let loose one year before the election…..the vaccine comes out after he is out of office….were the 500k lives lost to covid casuaties of political power struggle? Is there guilt in office?

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