What do Republicans really think about the ‘stolen election’ lie?

Michael Sondergard

Michael Sondergard

What are they thinking?

I mean, what are they really thinking, all those elected Republican officeholders whose neurons appear to go gooey at the mere mention of their Manipulator-in-Chief?

It certainly wasn’t love at first sight.

Remember 2016, before the hostile GOP takeover by a New York real estate mogul whose dodgy resume included hotels and casinos (four bankruptcy filings), beauty pageants, and a reality TV show?

In those days, Sen. Ted Cruz despised the nasty name-caller who was, like him, seeking the GOP nomination.

“Donald,” Cruise responded after the future president had re-tweeted a demeaning photo of his wife, “you’re a sniveling coward and leave Heidi the hell alone.”

Each attacked the character flaws of the other, like schoolyard bullies.

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