WATCH: Trump supporters rally in the streets of Washington, D.C. for 'million MAGA march'

WATCH: Trump supporters rally in the streets of Washington, D.C. for 'million MAGA march'

Large crowds of Trump supporters gathered for a protest in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

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  1. Do you think it's over? All these people are just going to fade into history and not keep up the fight for freedom? Do you think there's any chance they'll peacefully accept Biden/Harris "unity" campaign? Doh!

  2. They are stealing our country they stolen the election. Congress has committed mutable 6 federal felony crimes 10 republican's and the whole democratic side as of 4 days ago and that has been verified now! The country is under tyranny! Americans are losing there country!

  3. The other fake news says there were hundreds of Trump supporters⁉️. Looks to me like they forgot the thousands in the comment. That looks like 1,000,000

  4. Bestowed Something Beautiful from the American country like they always do the f**** Democrats they stir the hard-working man earning his living marriage they're taking everything masculine men are being extinct what are making super Predators with meth

  5. The voice of those who can shout louder will not decide who our next president is; IT IS THE ELECTORAL VOTE !!! We don't elect a president by the number of people protesting or making noise on the streets of our country, but through a voting system… We all know that this voting system is not perfect, but wait a minute… Nor was it, when Trump was elected in 2016 where there was also lot of reasons to believe he cheated.

    It is clear, when "radicals" perceive that the world as they know it is descending in a different way than what they want their world to be, they become extremely intolerant of who they are or think differently, and are drawn to follow those narcissistic leaders, who promise to fix things, and who don't seem shy about using force to do so, depriving our people of their rights.
    But what are those values, exactly? A narcissist is a personality disorder characterized by an excessive need for admiration, an inflated sense of importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, haughty behaviors or attitudes, extreme emotional instability characterized by explosive outbursts, envy of others or a belief that others are envious of them, lack of empathy for others, an inability to handle any criticism.

    The word of the Lord in Matthew 7:16 says: "By their fruits you will know them."
    Despite all Trump's attempts to project an external image of his person, a very different truth is from what the internal reality is, Trump is someone that never misses an opportunity to show hate and division.

    "There is no worse blind than he who does not want to see." This popular phrase represents in a simple way that the worst blindness that man can suffer is the one that arises from within (intelligence and will).

    Making a group of people disagree and fight each other so that they do not unite, is a military strategy known as "Divide and conquer." Stoking public fears about safety and well-being is a classic autocratic tactic, designed to convince a frightened population to seek protection from the proposed leader, to try to convince people that their political opponents are in league with the enemies of our own nation, this is one of the oldest tactics of politics, using fear as a tool to accomplish its purposes.

    The Bible reveals that God's people are currently living in a world under the deception of the evil (1 John 5:19)

    PRAYER; O Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, You who made the heaven and earth and have brought us to such a time as this, hear our prayer. We come to seek Your face and ask Your blessing for the elected President of the United States of America Joe Biden and Vice President, kamala Harris, protect them from all darkness and entities of darkness, consume in your divine fire all obstacles to your right and left. You are God of power and justice, enemy of evil and hatred. As a watchmen I declare the power of the cross and the blood of Jesus over the elected President of the United States of America Joe Biden and Vice President, kamala Harris, let them be under your divine authority. Amen!.

  6. But stuff was not rigged was it. Lets see biden had twenty senior citizens tops ? People need to demand answers and give the king his thrown. The guy works for freeeee ya freeeee. Would someone thats bad work for free . Wake up sheep

  7. We all know President Trump won.. And now evil is trying to take over.. A stolen election is the lawlessness to come, and now is here.. Well guys, we knew it was coming.. Take care..

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