Warnock unleashes new ads in battle against Kelly Loeffler

Warnock unleashes new ads in battle against Kelly Loeffler

Georgia Democratic Senate candida Rev. Raphael Warnock unleashes a slate of new ads in his battle against Sen. Kelly Loeffler.

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  1. Donald Trump endeavor to abrogate the people vote, Is a crime. Calling on People of authority, republican's, democrat and FBI, Is time to start Arresting any home base Anti-democratic person even senators, legislators, and Donald Trump for attempt to override the people vote. other wise in 4 years America is done.

  2. A bag of peanuts? Your an idiot to ask that question. All scared of riots and bias as hel_ it is so obvious they havent even listened to the evidence to take the case. Besides now they will just be stepped over like the crooked judges they are. Its sad when judge roberts said in his own words he wouldn’t take the case due to having riots. Look it up. Its right on youtube. Thank god the legislators have the power

  3. Warnock reminds me of Obama, Very well spoken. Please people of GA do the right thing! And vote Ossoff and Warnock!! The United States, and our childrens lives depend on it

  4. Pretty typical of all you people who dont want to look, didn’t answer a single question of the election FRAUD!!!! Oh sorry you did answer without investigating it, look it up, over 200thousand votes more than there were registered to vote. Wow its right there and on EVERY news channel. Why not answer anymore than that one, why did machines shut off to come on with biden winning when he was so far behind, why did they shit off? Why did they make the republican pole watchers leave? Why did they make everyone leave in the VIDEO? Just to start running ballots more than once, just watch it and if you still say it wasn’t wide spread fraud and enoph to overturn the election then you aren’t very bright or you dont want to see it. Sorry not trying to say stupid but just look. Be open enoph to just look, no matter who you may support.

  5. Warnock set a trap for Loeffler by having her speak at his church in July, (they both knew he'd play the race card if she declined) now he is using it in his ad blitz as planned all along.
    He also has an ad saying she wants the seat "to enrich herself" knowing a senator's income is just blip on her balance sheet while it would enrich himself 4x what he is worth now and a lifestyle far surpassing any pastor's.
    Warnock is deceitful and manipulative, I don't see how he can sleep at night, nor anyone who votes for him.

  6. Jon Ossoff believes "if you repeat a lie enough, people might believe it". Ossoff, known for his business dealings and financial ties to Al-Jazeera, and the Chinese communist government according to the candidate's financial disclosure forms.

  7. People are just tiered of the same nonsense these republicans ,don't help the poor they just worried about filling their pockets these millionaires just care about themselves we shouldn't have them in the Senate!!!

  8. I guess these Democrats forgot that Pelosi held the package up in the House until after November 3rd. Democrat projection at its finest. Such fools.

  9. Kelly and Perdue do not want to give any money. Instead they steal theirs by insides trading. Criminals who should be arrested. Her basketball team can't stand her and are voting against her. As well helping people to get out and vote. GA went Blue it is far passed time shows these dirty rich people GA decided not them.

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