US election: Trump supporters rally against election results following Biden victory

US election: Trump supporters rally against election results following Biden victory

Donald Trump supporters gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, and Lansing, Michigan on Saturday to protest as Democrat Joe Biden was declared the winner of the U.S. presidency.

Trump supporters sang “My Country Tis of Thee” and recited the Pledge of Allegiance on the steps of the Michigan State House in Lansing, some refusing to concede that the election battle was over.

Some were dismayed that the election had been called by news networks, even as Trump filed lawsuits that allege fraud. People held signs reading: “Stop the Steal” and “Voter Fraud Sucks.”

“There’s a lot of questionable things, they shouldn’t be calling this election. There are dozens of lawsuits all over the United States right now,” said 65-year old retiree, Mark Beeve.

Biden’s win brings an end to Republican incumbent Trump’s tumultuous four-year leadership after four days of nail-biting suspense following Tuesday’s election.

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  1. Situation =Trump supporter goes to a phycologist
    Trump suporter:Why did Jesus chose the Apparently "sinful" Joe Biden
    Phycologist:Why do you think he is sinn full and besides religion and politics are two absolutely different things
    Trump suporter:caries on crying and moaning

    Phycologist :your too stupid to understand aren't you

  2. It's pretty sad actually, to see them clinging so helplessly to all that stupid Trump merch they bought. That paraphernalia, symbolizing authoritarianism, hate, racism and intolerance, will age about as well as images of the Nazi swastika.

  3. Why are Trump loyalists so old, religious and out of touch! I mean 80+ % of his voters were 65 and more. Old people always vote and Republicans rely on them but in the next 10-15 years these folks will be gone to the other side 🤣🤣🤣 2020 less than 34% of ppl less than 35 voted for trump or Republicans! And keep in mind young people don’t like going vote! I mean these crazy religious freaks time is numbered! I truly hate both side( Biden and Trump ; left and right) equally. But Trump and the Republicans are the worst

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