Updated 2020 Election Prediction | Caroline Kennedy vs Donald Trump

Updated 2020 Election Prediction | Caroline Kennedy vs Donald Trump

In the year 2020, will a President with 42% approval ratings overcome a former ambassador under President Obama, Caroline Kennedy?

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  1. Would I lead or if a new standard of Jesus royal banner does the leader carry his flag for the USA but I thought Issiah says Jesus is the commander of people and nations

  2. William Barr was nominated as Attorney General for the Donald Trump Administration. Came over to check on status of Caroline Kennedy which would revolutionize how we think of human rights and civil and criminal justice in the US. Julie Ann Racino, ASPA, 2018-2020 and National Democratic Party, 2018

  3. I’m tired of Trump’s dumb shit. He was funny at first but it’s exhausting. Caroline Kennedy could be a level head compared to Trump’s constant trolling and hate. He’s ruining the stock market. Literally single handily pushing our economy into a recession at a time when we should be flourishing.

  4. I honestly think he's biased toward GOP now, I don't think there's many candidates Trump could win against, the DNC has a lot of strong candidates they can field. 2020 looks more and more blue, don't let the comment section sway you, look at the stats pointing to a blue wave. The pendulum always swings, especially for a president this unpopular. I know I sound hypocritical but I know how Trumpers have hashed you for not being for him enough.

  5. If you are basing these predictions so heavily on Trumps current approval. Why isnt Texas a tossup? His approval is 39 there. Lower than the entire rust belt.

    I dont think you should base these videos on his current approval ratings though. You are predicting the election in 2020 not if the election happened today

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