U.S. election: What early voting patterns say about the race

U.S. election: What early voting patterns say about the race

U.S. political scientist Cal Jilson says up to 60% of total votes could be cast before election day on Nov. 3.

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  1. Trump Supporters attacked a Biden/Harris Bus going to a venue in Texas. They were caught on Camera and they will be found and prosecuted. Trump INCITES VIOLENCE among his Supporters. KKK – Q-ANON and other White Supremacist groups. I think this election will boil down to COVID 19 and Trump's Dismissiveness of the Pandemic and the 229,000 American Lives Lost on Donald Trump's watch.

  2. Excuse me, mail in fraud is factual. We’ve already seen that time and again, particularly in Ca where I live. How can you sit there with a straight face and tell me Trump is setting up the idea of voting fraud to use as an excuse?? You have a degree in political science but your clearly blind to reality.

  3. Has anybody wondered why media all over is ignoring Hunter and Joe’s clear proven Ukraine scandals?? Joe doesn’t know where he is half the time and Kamila is socialist left as it gets with an immoral record of changing views based on who she’s pandering to.

  4. There was already evidence of election rigging. If the democrats win, Trump should NOT allow transfer of power until all those caught tampering with and throwing out Trump ballots, and all the people they work for and everyone involved or potentially involved are fully investigated by every branch of the justice department.

  5. Lol Does America still think it’s the greatest country in the world??
    They are winning the most Covid deaths and the most embarrassing politicians (both sides) ever!
    Whose in charge again? Oh that’s right the “just grab it” guy. You make me laugh America.

  6. I'm done with this guy. What a ride awakening I got today. Trump was just a huge mistake! Trying to steal the election. Blocking people from voting and trying to have legal votes thrown out. And people are OK with this. WTH! If I could… I'd change my vote to Biden! What is going on in my beautiful country

  7. A disgusting amount of conservative sheep dehumanizing freedom of the press and acting out their fascist programming here. But fox 'news' is impartial. Eh, komrades? Eh?

  8. Trump wins the electoral votes 284 whereas Biden only got 230 electoral votes. Trump wins this election. Uncounted votes should go to trash because the voting requirement for the voter has to go to the voting station on the election date to get the vote counted, not by the mailing stamp date as a mistake posted by some ignorant people……..

  9. voting is just a another way of distraction and they put two people in there running against each other with different styles of dark past racism drugs pedophilia anti this country but pretending they're for it making promises they never keep select hidden evil rich families vote for different candidates for their agenda at the time don't you think if this country was for justice it would do a CORI check of every individual that ran for presidentwake up world the changes in your hands aint you tired of being in the position of deception and false information don't let the religion of naiveism ruin this planet thank you ladies and gentlemen,

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