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  1. This is the most realistic analysis on YouTube right now. Most are calling for a Biden landslide but that’s not reality. I don’t know who is going to win but this is going to be closer than most are predicting.

  2. Martha Mc sally killed trumps chances in Arizona and trump Hispanic increase is mainly Cubans and some Central and South American Hispanics not Mexicans and the Hispanics population in Arizona is mainly Mexican

  3. Californis is destroying the BIGGEST INDUSTRY in texass, oil…wall street has been talking about it for months now…….Texas has to BRIBE California companies like TESLA….sad…..they pass laws preventing Tesla from selling in state to protect the oil industry and tried to pass a law preventing mechanics from fixing teslas…….wow… that they cant beat CAli, they bribe companies in CALI….hahahahah,sad…….nice to see Ex Californians turning arizona and texas blue….amazing

  4. At 4:24, he predicted Texas would go Republican by 1 to 3 points. I figure it'll be no more than 2 points either way. A little later on, he talked about people moving from California and the North to there, owing to Texas' economy and bringing their social liberalism with them.

  5. That's pretty much how I see it too, if the election were held today 307 or 308 to 231 or 230 ..Texas for me would still be a lean, that's today…Arizona had many Mormons vote third party in 2016, Trump will win here, the Republicans got Arizona for 1 more cycle; there is a silent Trump vote out there for sure, Nationwide come election day, it could be upwards of 3%. In the swing states in the Rust Belt, Wisconsin and PA with a lot of Rural White Working Class voters there; if the polls on election eve have Trump within 2%, he could squeak them both out again, Michigan forget it, Trump has no chance, Minnesota is my sleeper for 2020, Omar commercials will run constantly, and it was close in 2016, plus the nearly 5.7% of votes that Johnson and McMullin got; is up for grabs, Its a long shot, but it could be a sleeper, Florida unless things change drastically down there with Covid, Biden will take it, and with that the election, unless the silent majority is truly out there, and Trump wins without Florida, that is a real long shot; but in the age of Trump, one wonders. Great video very informative.

  6. My dad hears me watching your vids and is like why do you watch random YouTubers make predictions? Because your predictions are much better than anything you'll get in mainstream news sheesh

  7. 1: make a discord. helps u out
    2: I DM'd LTE on Discord, probably won't get a response. But for sure a discord. I could help u set it up. Hopefullly u get 1K!

  8. Why predict? Trump will win. Democrats can forget winning TX or AZ, GA, OH, FL, NC and WI, even PA is unlikely. Race has already get closer. And what about debates? Trump takes them 6-0. It is highly unlikely that democrats win the presidency.

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