Trump Repeatedly Endorses Elections Officials Who Reject 2020 Election Results

Trump Repeatedly Endorses Elections Officials Who Reject 2020 Election Results

Rachel Maddow reports on Mark Finchem, the latest state Republican candidate for secretary of state to earn Donald Trump’s endorsement by running on a platform of rejecting Trump’s legitimate election loss in their state. 
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  1. Trump is a disgusting human being. Had Hillary never made her "basket of deplorables" comment, she'd have been President. The irony is that the statement was accurate – The TRUE Trump supporters were (and are) deplorable. However, with that comment, Hillary alienated 100% of the swing voters whom she needed to be elected. Those swing voters didn't actually know what a bad person Trump was in 2016, and therefore voted for what they thought was "the lesser of two evils" by pulling the Trump lever (an archaic reference by us old folks referring to voting machines that actually used a mechanical lever to increment the vote totals). By 2020, even the dumbest of us realized what a huge mistake Trump had been and chose to vote him out again. A large minority of Republican deplorables, however, continues to deny reality and trumpet the big lie. What a mess. And it could all have been avoided by that single comment.

  2. 🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓📣📣📣📣📣📣📣


    The Cost of Being a Patriot in America
    The incredible irony of what the Cons pulled off by pretending only they were true patriots becomes only clear now, that we see their treachery. A hidden alliance with Russia, with Turkey and attacking our traditional allies, weakening the very alliances that make us stronger. That shall be part of the dark legacy of the Cons and their figurehead Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the poster boy for the Con ideology. Reward your cronies that enable you to continue corruption unabated, punish those that don’t show adequate loyalty to the party and to Donald Trump personally. He is just an extension of the ideology. So of course, he will use and continue to use the same tactics his benefactors do, as they use their propaganda machine to create an atmosphere of fear, within which any disloyalty is punished. Rule of law becomes the rule of whim, of advantage and of pleasing Donald Trump.
    The list of his purges, is too long to post here. Right wing attack media is right there, to make sure the death threats and social media attacks follow. And to make sure punishment is complete. There is an atmosphere of cruelty found only in authoritarian regimes, which is what we seem to have. When the rule of law becomes shredded into the rule of one, then our stewardship of the ideals of the Founders has failed. This is our watch and it’s our problem to fix!
    This is far more than a problem with Donald Trump. The coordinated attacks on anyone that sticks up for the rule of law is at best frightening. But at it’s worst and I think it is exactly that, an attack on democracy itself. The right wing media is doing the bidding of a president looking to destroy the very system he heads. That rule of law does not work for corruption, racial hatred and radical authoritarian religion. But it does work for normal human beings.
    This is not the time to be quiet or afraid, but to be determined! To be determined to build something wonderful out of the ashes, of what has become of our nation. This is the time of the Con darkness. But it is only now that you can truly see the stars of what we can be. The Foundations.

  3. The death of Democracy, just like all he touches it dies. We opened Pandora's Box by allowing a woefully unqualified, ill mannered bully the most powerful political office in the country. We did this! We can end it, just vote against his endorsements and we can get our country back from the edge of death.

  4. Of course he's got them in his pocket. It sounds like bribery, it should be illegal. Where is he getting the money to endorse candidates? He filed bankruptcy four times, he's into the Deutsche bank for $340. million, he never paid his legal fees to various attorneys, his businesses are failing, but he still has money to pay them? No somebody else is getting him the money to endorse these politicians. So who is it? Russia maybe?

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