Trump gears up for legal battle over election results

Trump gears up for legal battle over election results

President Trump’s team is getting ready to mount a legal battle over the election results. Lana Zak spoke with Derek Muller, a professor at the University of Iowa College of Law, about the president’s strategy.


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  1. But you also thought it was going to be a blue wave, and you also thought Biden was going to blow Trump out, you thought Trump was working for the Russians, and you also thought Hilary was going to win. You are wrong about everything, so you're probably wrong here too

  2. What will the MSM Report, when Americans are Shown PROOF or their Deception and Betrayal ? Its bad enough to be cheated out of an election, but the MSM is the tip of the spear and the daily driving force behind it. No matter what these swamp rats say, we are confident that president Trump will be re-elected in a landslide. After he is shown to be the rightful true president, we must turn our attention to punish all of the MSM, with the harshest possible sentances the courts can administer. The very harshest penalties should be given to on air talent that conned their way into your liveing room, year after year and used your loyalty against you when it mattered most. These demons truly deserve their Marie Antoinette moment.

  3. If US is now surrounded by Crooked Law Makers even at the Supreme Court ..the only chance for America to Redeemed it's Dignity and Integrity to fight for the Truth and changed its History is through PEOPLE POWER …Let the People Decide who owns the american land and it's Goverment be the BOSS ! ..See how our country the Philippines did it !!! …

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