Trump continues to dispute election results ahead Electoral College vote

Trump continues to dispute election results ahead Electoral College vote

On Monday, the Electoral College will cast their votes to elect Joe Biden to the presidency, but President Trump is still insisting that he’s not done fighting to stay in power. Chip Reid reports.

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  1. O crápula Joe Biden pode até governar, mas não por meio Democrático e SIM por meios de Fraudes e Falcatruas. Que vergonha! Os USA se igualar à Países Latino americano sem Ordem e sem Lei.
    Congratulações do Brasil ao Pres. Donald Trump.

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  3. Donald Trump continues to spread his "fake news" and, as always, his supporters believe this "fake news" as they have for the past 4 years. Donald Trump, there was no electoral fraud, but you simply failed in your 4 years given by the people and are now the big and above all the worst loser that the world knows. All of your political friends, as they call themselves, around you know it, but none of them has the courage to tell Adolf about this defeat. That's why I tell you: you are the loser!

  4. there is no end to our commitment 30 million men and another 10milloon women stand beside you president Trump we will not challenge your military and we will not interfere with law enforcement
    but we will stand with you , this is truth.

  5. If Trump was making all this up, the Biden family would sue him publicly for libelous, scandalous slandering! The fact that this media nor the Biden’s are jumping on such an opportunity, speaks volumes

  6. Breaking News: Trump's new 2024 election slogan "I lose, I pout, I hide in the White House… While the country is ravaged by sickness and economic hardship, I spread insane conspiracy theories"

  7. It doesn't matter how many court cases they love or how much evidence is against them, Trumpsters will never admit they lost. They want a dictatorship, and they'll fight for it. They hate democracy, plain and simple.

  8. Trump won election
    Blah blah blah
    Biden is a cheat
    Blah blah blah
    Fraud fraud fraud
    Blah blah blah
    Dead people voted blah blah blah
    This all they say
    The deluded idiots who cry about Trump loosing BIG time!
    It's about time they shut the fick up and disappeared

  9. I thought Trump would win, and it looked like he would on election night, then all of a sudden it seemed 'doubtful' the morning after. Then I thought he would be president after fraud was exposed, etc, and I still think that. Then the mainstream media can have more 'reason' to call him a dictator, etc, so there will be even more rioting, violence, more division, chaos, etc in the US while the elites continually carry out their plans.

  10. The result is out only on January 6th, Google trends shows that in all American states people search more for Donald Trump than Biden, even with this massive push from the left wing and corrupt Media. Is obvious that the election was fraudlent.

  11. Everywhere I went all spring and all summer all I seen were Trump signs,50 to 1biden, you can not tell me that minnesota voted for biden!the man has been a cheat and a lier his whole entire life,why would he stop now?his rallies held what 20-30 people?and then he some how gets the most votes ever, in history?you can't tell me your falling for that?Trump might spout off at the mouth but at least he's for America,for the better of this beautiful country .

  12. This Covid Aid Bill will spend BILLIONS in foreign aid for border walls, gender studies and aid to Pakistan and Vietnam while giving Americans a measly $600. Americans need $2000 each. Can you imagine what could be done in America if we spent 900 BILLION on Americans? Demand Congress amend this bill to remove all pork and all foreign aid!

  13. I know a lot of people dislike Trump BUT what if Trump is right, that he is being set up, that the election was rig?
    The people at the top got together to get Trump out… is it not possible?

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