Trump campaign officials dispute U.S. election results but provide no evidence

Trump campaign officials dispute U.S. election results but provide no evidence

WH Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel discuss US election results.
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  1. What you mean to say, Yahoo… is, being a Marxist Communist paid by the Democrats (with MY tax paying money), who worked day and night to cover up the Failures and Atrocities of the Obama administration, and paint him as a saint… and then worked day and night to lie and campaign against President Trump, for 4 years… What you mean to say, is Trump campaign legitimately disputes the phoney Democrat created election results MYTH, but provides no evidence that Yahoo wants to tell their brainwashed sheep.
    That's what you mean to say!

  2. I cant believe people still trust these mainstream media outlets. And i mean ALL of them. Its more biased entertainment than it is filled with truthful journalism. Yes, i mean outlets from BOTH SIDES.

  3. Biden should be in prison right along with his son. Using your seat of power for personal financial gain is still illegal. Regardless who you are. Landslide or no landslide…. Joe should be in prison.

  4. The thing is they have provided evidence from sworn statements from people involved in this. There is no point providing evidence to the mainstream media because that does not fit the media’s narrative. Let the courts decide what is false or what is not. Why is the media so scared of this. Stop the smearing campaign.

  5. "Our" pole watchers she says. As if only Trump's pole watchers were put behind baracades. Do you guys really fall for little tricks as simple as these? I know you all are smarter then that.

  6. There is plenty of Evidence. One of the key players is Eric Coomer. A doctor, scientist. Who patents on the software.
    just do a search Eric Coomer- dominion. Do it as soon as you can. The online people are taking down his posts.

  7. Pretty soon, we'll know for sure who the President will be come 1/20/2021. In the meantime, I really hope that the Trump Administration is doing everything it can to facilitate the transition, in the event Biden does win. This is critically important for our country's safety and security. And really, if Trump does prevail in a re-election, what difference does it really make that Trump had assisted Biden with the transition?

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