Trump campaign HITS BACK at Fox News anchor Chris Wallace

Trump campaign HITS BACK at Fox News anchor Chris Wallace

Co-Chair of Women for Trump Pam Bondi shares how Trump’s jobs programs will help his case for re-election despite his use of military reinforcements and pepper bombs on George Floyd protesters.

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  1. The choice is clear consulate Pro America and believes in America First with jobs or you vote for a sleepy Joe Biden who believes in China First and the stupid Green New Deal by AOC

  2. The female commentator seems to be uninformed about what really happened. Peaceful protesters burned the church down! They were not peaceful!! Please get your facts straight before you open your mouth!!!

  3. I love how these Republicans brag about this forthcoming record breaking comeback from a situation that they caused in the 1st place.
    They are patting their own backs for only partially recovering from their own mistake.

  4. HAHAHAHA, the "Great American Comeback" is a joke. More like the Great American Shutdown. Let's wait and see when Covid mixes with the flu season which is coming soon. I may not get "Lock him up" but I'm sure to get Shut him down. This is when someone like Trump continues to lie even if they've been caught. He's a failure. He continues to blame this on Obama. Guess what? This started in 2019. Who's at the house in 2019? I know for sure it's not Obama. Trump is incompetent. Even his niece said so.

  5. I heard the Fox News poll had Biden as more intelligent than the President please .. Chris Wallace you have hated Trump for a long time wait until the country becomes communistic the News is the first to be censored…wait

  6. This women from Florida is the most corrupt disgusting human being. She got 30 thousand dollars from trump to stop and dismiss the case for the fraud of trump university. She need him in the office to stay safe and out of jail.

  7. Gee, another site on the internet with anti-Trump personalities repeating the exact same lies the leftist media is promoting. Claiming the President ordered the use of tear gas etc on "peaceful protestors", is an oft repeatedly lie. Her mention of it here is hardly unbiased. First, there is footage of the protestors throwing projectiles at the park police. Second, the protestors were told to leave the area no fewer than three times, but refused. Third, the President didn't order force to be used as a last resort. AG Barr did, because he had ordered the area cleared as a result of the church being set on fire the night before. When, he got there ahead of the President, it had not been. So, he ordered the are cleared, for the second time. Fourth, it was after curfew, and they were still there. "Peaceful" protestors get in the way, and provide cover, for protestors that are not peaceful. They put themselves in that position, not members of the Administration. Also, Chris Wallace is one of the more openly biased anti-Trump media personalities on FOX. Trump haters want to get rid of FOX because it offers both sides of the Trump equation. Whereas, the other networks only offer Trump bashing from everyone on every show. All the Dimocrats, and the media the party controls, does is cheat. And, manipulate the emotions of the short sighted people that don't care that Biden would destroy our country, as long as Trump is gone. That's the goal, of the skewed polls, and hit piece interviews like thia one.

  8. She is one of the crooks and should be in jail for dropping the Trump University case against Trump for a political contribution. Maybe someday when "law and order" are restored here in the United States she will land in a federal prison where she belongs.

  9. The country is on the wrong track? Realllly… blacks best off theyve ever been.. mexicans best off theyve ever been.. women best off theyve ever been..trump is a man of action best I ever fuckin seen!! Stock markets.. wooow huge.. jobs to america not china.. wrong direction.. i guess I dont understand the well being of the people!!


  11. What a conspiracy against Trump. Follow why virus came out now during voting year plus riots for two people who knew each other (suspicious), it's been a setup by communist.

  12. A lot of idiots here kept saying that 2M job are just a small portion of the jobs that are lost. True, that is a true statement. However, none of these idiots think about what is happening in democrat controlled area. These dem controlled area are still refusing to open up and all these places also support all these lawlessness that is going on. These same dems that claimed that it is still unsafe to open up the market place are also the same person that say that gathering for protest is ok unless it is a protest to open up the market then it is forbidden and illegal and unsafe. Imagine if not for Trump you'd have zero new jobs added back. Of course the left love it because these lazy people would rather sit at home and receive handouts from the govt.

  13. we're supposed to bow down to trump because he continued with the economic improvements that were made during president obama's term. the republicans chose to completely ignore that obama pulled us out of a near depression caused by the housing collapse. all you hear about from hannity is how many people were on food stamps and the unemployment numbers. you can bet they won't be spewing about such things when it comes to trump and the economic disaster caused by the pandemic.

  14. what's the point of having guests on the show if you only ask them easy questions and let them talk nonsense without fact checking? should rename the vid to "free air time for trump supporter"

  15. So, those jobs that are completely gone have no measure in Trump's attempts? The lies and misinformation he tells are the same as my 8-year-old granddaughter's, loaded to get what he wants. Tell me, why do I want to vote for a lying, womanizing, egotistical blowhard whose administration is no more functional than a high school class government?

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