Trevor and Roy Break Down Election Results | The Daily Show

Trevor and Roy Break Down Election Results | The Daily Show

Trevor and Roy break down election results as they roll in and try. to. remain. calm.
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About the Author: Election2020


  1. The Trump Solution:

    I, like many of my fellow Americans have been somewhat disturbed about the outcome of this past presidential election. As I have thought about it, I came upon a perfect solution for Mr. Trump & his followers so they could gain back confidence in the election process in this wonderful country of ours.

    I suggest a federal judge not appointed by Trump to pick three machines from three different parts of Georgia from a random list using one machine from each part where they know the vote was heavy each way & one in the middle. Then have electronics experts with an observer from both parties & the judge open the machines & examine them for internet capability. If there is no internet capability, then they will know the machine couldn’t be rigged from the outside. Assuming they find that it is not, then wipe the votes from the machine & have court officers start a revote giving each candidate the same amount of votes the machines originally tallied.

    If the votes come up flipped for Biden then President Trump should be awarded the Presidential medal of Freedom & be voted the Time magazine Man of the Year. Then he should get a revote ordered nation wide within a week. By paper ballots only with everyone having to show up with a state ID in hand. If the votes tally the same, then he should be made to pull down his trousers & bend over a chair in the white house & have a professional dominatrix come in & spank the living fire out of him with a big old paddle while he apologizes to the American people for being the biggest embarrassment & liar to ever fool the people of the United States. Who wants to share this?

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