This is Donald Trump's Final Campaign Strategy to Win the Election

This is Donald Trump's Final Campaign Strategy to Win the Election

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  1. Hm. I respect your knowledge of the data, but I feel there are too many "There is no way for Trump"'s in some of your recent videos. A lot of these swing states are kind of close, and if Trump gets both Pennsylvania and Florida, his chances aren't as bad as it seems, sadly. Still, the high voter turnout gives me hope.

  2. Everyone here is talking so confidently about a blue wave, you just might get one but just remember there was that same overconfidence in 2016 and it ended up losing dems the election, (have we forgotten the 99% Hillery win prediction?). Keep in mind if Trump does pull this off again polls will be seen as unreliable for years to comes and will also force dems to have to reevaluate themselves because in that case whatever they are doing its not working.

  3. I think he's targeting states that have Democratic governors/legislatures, because they can't rig the election in their state in his favor. FL has Gov. DeathSentence who will do everything in his power to make the state go red this election, largely by restricting mail-in voting during the pandemic to enact de facto voter suppression, since the GOP has primed their base to think COVID is "no big deal". Same deal with GA (Kemp), TX (Abbott), and even NC and WI (GOP state legislature). Not so much in MI, MN, OH, or PA, hence that being where the campaign spend is happening.

    Trump and the GOP are trying to subvert our democracy. I don't know how this is news to anyone…

  4. No, his final and obvious move is to suppress as many votes as possible, and if that is not enough, he will try to create after-election chaos by claiming made up nonsense about voting fraud. Anyways, just vote, vote early, vote in person, beat him by big margin and hope democracy itself will be preserved.

  5. I hope Biden does NOT visit Texas, can't invest resources to try and expand the map (and lose like Hillary did, when she couldn't do it in GA and NC). Biden should stay in Rust Belt + FL

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