Third Parties Are in BIG Trouble in the 2020 Election

Third Parties Are in BIG Trouble in the 2020 Election

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  1. For all those idiots who group green/eco-anarchists falsely let me just clear something up right now… eco/green-anarchism isn't the same nor will it ever be the same or be associated with ANCAPS (anarcho-socialists) or solarpunk utopian bullshit.

  2. If you stick with government of any kind you're trapping yourself in this dystopia vs utopia 2 sides of the same coin bullshit. Think for yourselves look to alternatives like anarchism real anarchism NOT FUCKING ANCAPS FUCK ANCAPS!

  3. also Libertarianism is associated with white supremacist Nazism look it up lots of members of the Libertarian party are verified nazis just like Republicans. They all have an agenda the same agenda a new world order. It's a matter of different approaches but they're two sides of the same coin. Libertarians are just crypto-republicans.

  4. LOL third parties are a joke they're controlled opposition and are now obsolete. Face it you're stuck with the socialist utopian pushing Democrats or the dystopian nazi fascist pushing Republicans. The only real 3rd option is eco-anarchism. Everything else is bullshit.

  5. Could careless what the haters say I will always vote 3rd party on 2016 i voted Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) and now in 2020 for Rocky de la Fuente (American Independent) 💯

  6. The reason why Jo Jorgensen didn’t get the 15 percent needed on the 5 polls to qualify for the debates was because none of the 5 polls included an option besides trump or Biden..

  7. To all brainwashed theists & wootards who have NOTHING important to say…

    say something & do something PRACTICAL for once:


    Make the White House Green in 2021!

    To all Americans: VOTE HOWIE HAWKINS / ANGELA N WALKER for POTUS/VP 2020. Green Party USA!

    or Charlie Kam / Liz Parrish U.S. Transhumanist Party for POTUS/VP 2020!

    Make the White House Green or Transhumanist in 2021!

    You can't blame Greens, Transhumanists, Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, or Libertarians.

    They're not the ones in power.

    I am PROUDLY a PRO-WAR Green, militant Antinatalist

    Pro-BirthStriker Animal Rights Vegan Atheist Mathist PhD Mathematician.

    Only maximizing fairness & justice & minimizing suffering matters.

    MANDATE VASECTOMIES & MANDATE ABORTIONS & OUTLAW BREEDING until you make life perfectly fair.

    I PROUDLY support Peta, Mercy for Animals, Extinction Rebellion, BirthStrike, climate activists, animal rights vegans,


    & to minimize suffering for those who deserve it.

    Fuck religion, nationalism, culture, tradition, habit, the status quo. These are all just for entertainment.

    Fairness, justice, minimizing suffering must always come first. Even above capitalism & communism.

  8. As a libertarian supporter, im really dissappointed that people this year aren't continuing their support, Jo Jorgenson I agree with even more and I was really hoping she would reach the peak of Gary johnson, but ugh, 2020 be disappointing

  9. I'm a single issue voter. I only vote for a candidate that is going to shrink government. This year that is Dr. Jo Jorgensen, and she is on the ballot in all 50 states. She is trending up in google trends. She is even trending higher than the Libertarian party or the term "third party candidate".

  10. 3rd party took all those votes. 6 million. I remember 2016 Johnson had 1% after Election Day and while ignoring their own fuckups Clinton and the Establishment have the fuckton of audacity to blame progressives?

  11. state by state scientific polls are including Jorgensen and Hawkins. Jorgensen is 2-5% depending on state. Hawkins is 0-2%. In Georgia for example Jorgensen polls at 5% and Hawkins at 0%. Jorgensen will be under 1 million votes on election day but will perform better than Barr 2008 or Badnarik 2004 for Libertarians. She will equal or almost equal Johonson 2012

  12. As a registered Green💚 in New Mexico! I suggest we stop blaming Jill Stein!! Exit polling shows 61% of Dr. Jill Stein voters in 2016 would NOT have voted if she wasn't on the ballot. I believe over 10% would've voted for the current occupant of the white house. So….bad at math here…. I believe 30% or so would've voted for regime change Clinton. So if we are a true democracy, which we are not, ballot access and media would not be controlledby the oligarchy. I stand by my only vote, Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker. I vote Green, because I am an ecosocialist and I 🙏 Mother Earth gets her chance in the news as this climate catastrophe continues ✌🌎🌍🌏💚❤💚

  13. The problem was not Hillary’s, the problem was and is the ability of the Republican Party creating so called scandals out of trivial things from any democratic politicians.

  14. I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but your voice is very low in volume. I work around loud machinery and can't hear you even with sound canceling headphones. Before people jump down my throat, I can hear other YouTube videos just fine with the same set up.

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