These Trump supporters think the election was stolen. We ask them why

These Trump supporters think the election was stolen. We ask them why

Supporters of President Donald Trump gathered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as part of a “Stop the Steal” protest. CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan talks to them about why they believe the election was stolen. #CNN #News #DonieOSullivan


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  1. It was the Russians. There was obviously Russian collusion with Hunter Biden and overwhelming evidence of election fraud committed by the Democrats with help from the Russians and help from over 200 new voter laws that they created at the last moment to allow them to rig the election with millions upon millions upon millions of votes from imaginary people.

  2. HE COULD LITERALLY BE A MASS MURDERER, THEM SEE IT WITH THEIR OWN EYES, AND THEY WOULD SAY "but what about other mass murderers!" and/or "maybe they had a good reason to be murdered?!"..

  3. damn right trump won and is STILL this countries president. he is STILL acting as one ans still trying to fix the corruption. hell, i personally witnessed tik toks voting multiple times for biden and using dead ancestors…that for me was proof enough.

  4. and lets just take away all the votes for a moment…lets forget them. LOOK AT TRUMPS RALLIES VS BIDENS lol…there is no way u can convince me biden won and had 0 people show up at his inauguration lol. i saw the video, it was pathetic to say the least. biden did not win thats a fact!

  5. 120 retired generals and admirals have signed a letter expressing there concerns over the 2020 election results and Joe Biden's mental capacity to hold office. They all must be a bunch q anon supporters i suppose? I have no worries because I know that cnn will always support the troops.😆😆😆

  6. “Insert Quote that makes me feel like it’s relevant to Trump”
    The whole world laughs at Dems, here in Aus especially.. most of us wish we had Trump as our leader
    Someone with a backbone. All you Dems act like Biden, Harris, Pelosi are all Saints, excuse me but when did politicians become trust worthy?

  7. LOL trump supporters try to win the election by burning down the Biden ballots but Biden still won. Trump lost because lest people voted for him

  8. The CIA FBI and half our politicians are crooked, this was proven in the impeachment trial which nothing was proven against Trump and anyone who has a problem voter ID has a serious problem with corruption being ok

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