The Week: Bernie Sanders SOUNDS OFF On Why Younger Voters Should Cast Their Ballots For Biden

The Week: Bernie Sanders SOUNDS OFF On Why Younger Voters Should Cast Their Ballots For Biden

The Week: Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti look back at their favorite moments from interviews with Senator Bernie Sanders on the youth vote, Washington Post White House Economics Reporter, Jeffrey Stein, on stimulus negotiations and the Executive Editor at The American Prospect, David Dayen on universal healthcare needs.

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  1. What people don’t realize is that we have 3 parties that take care or suppose to take care of our country. The President has a say in things, but it has to go through the Reps and the Senate. It’s democracy that we want, not a reality show disaster.

  2. Wow, somehow Bernie picked all the issues Biden is uniquely terrible on.
    Climate Change: won't ban fracking.
    Racial Justice: won't apologize for the crime bill
    Sexism: anyone talked to Tara Reade lately?

  3. I agree with Krystal here that the reaction from the establishment Democrats was a meltdown when Bernie unveiled his plans to have his own 100 days action plan to push Biden to the left. Now you know why there was so much blowback from so called supporters of Bernie. The real supporters of Bernie were ecstatic that Bernie pledged to support primary challengers for incumbent Democrats in the mid terms in 2022 if Biden did not move left fast enough.

  4. How many times are young people expected to throw away all their hopes and vote for a candidate for President who will do nothing for them and on the other side there is a contender who is much worse.
    Either way young people have lost confidence that anything will change because they have to keep settling.

  5. I need someone to explain to me how the 3rd reason just applies to Biden and not to Trump. Especially after hearing Obama saying he couldn't do much because he didn't have the Congress or the House.

  6. Unfortunately, no matter who is in office, nothing will be done about climate change. Joe already said he will keep fracking. A $15/hr minimum wage is just going to eliminate jobs and send more jobs overseas. So, good luck everyone….we are screwed!

  7. If Bernie were Smart he would tell Young people to vote with their LEGS and move to Canada… (or the Uk, Australia, or NZ) Because America stinks for the young and middle class… Crime is rising sky high due to massive poverty and low police Job Satisfaction. Biden stink! Cooperate America love Biden and used Obama as a PAWN to get Biden in the white house where he looked out for his donars… Young people will still have no health care or affordable housing or government support during a pandemic. Biden wont decriminalize pot or do anything to stop the massive gang violence that the war on drugs will create… Young people cant start a family in AmeriKKKa, They will be much better off in real countries that protect their middle class.

  8. So you people want to let the problem win? The reason for Bernie cause in the first place. Vote trump out and it'll be easy from there.

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