"The View" Co-Hosts React to Election Night Results | The View

"The View" Co-Hosts React to Election Night Results | The View

As votes continue to roll in with narrow margins in swing states and Pres. Trump already claiming victory over former Vice Pres. Biden, the co-hosts share their thoughts on the landmark election. abcn.ws/34YzT5s

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  1. School shootings skyrocket when demonrats are in office! Look it up. The purposely shoot school children to try and take your guns .Biden will be no exception hes even more wicked than crooked Clinton witch

  2. Whoopi you make me sick. What happened to you? I was once a big fan of yours but I know you are not the same person as you are now. Joy you are just a POS and the rest follow. You are all one sided. What happened to innocent til proven guilty. You are the problem. Why not have people with different views as you. You feel you are swaying people's point of view to be those of yours

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