The Trump Campaign Withdraws Ads from Florida

The Trump Campaign Withdraws Ads from Florida

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  1. Holy crap! A new Quinnipiac poll in Ohio has Biden +5 there! That's caused FiveThirtyEight to move Trump average lead in the state from +1.7 to +0.1 today! And, they now have Ohio as a Toss-up with each candidate having a 50 – 50 chance!

  2. Why spend money on ads when Trump has filled the Supreme Court seat, has a massive voter suppression operation already in place, threatened to have ten of thousands of people in place to block people from casting their vote?

  3. Guys this isn’t over. tRump isn’t trying to win an election, he is trying to steal it! He will bitch and moan (his usual MO) and the courts will get involved. At that point the votes won’t matter. The courts will hand him reelection and American democracy will come to an end. It’s awful and terrifying but it looks like it’s going that way.

  4. Literally like 90% of the commenters on this video are dead wrong. He knows he has FL in the bag… just like his team knew last time. If he pushed the $5.5MM to another SWING STATE then who knows but the fact that he pushed it to a state that isn’t supposed to really be in play tells me 2 things. 1. FL is in the bag. 2. MN is more in play than we previously thought (especially with 6 DEMOCRAT mayors in MN recently endorsing TRUMP). Can’t wait till everyone is SHOCKED again. Please remember this comment and come back to it… I won’t be wrong. Biden will NOT FLIP more than 1 or 2 of the following states: FL, OH, PA, MI, WI, AZ, IA, NC and thus, Biden will lose. 295-243 Trump.

  5. You are using voter Inflationary polls if you look at early votes and the underperformance of Biden in these places perhaps Trump thinks he will switch spending elsewhere.

  6. again, trump's advertising shell-game is not about polls or legitimate victories. it's about the relative amounts of grift each individual state requires in order for him to question biden's win. the fault in your system is your assumption that both teams have integrity.

  7. This thing isn't over till it's over! Drop your mail-in ballot at a dropbox, your vote won't get counted if you rely on the USPS at this point! And if you can please vote in person. Do not get complacent. We aren't out of the woods until Inauguration Day. VOTE.

  8. Hey LTE, could you make a video that breaks down when we might know the results from each state? I just saw an article that said PA isn't going to start counting their mail in ballots until November 4th so they can have their limited pollong staff focus on in person voting on November 3rd. Just curious if these kind of delays can be expected in any other states.

  9. The reason why he has pulled the ad's in Florida is because they going to cheat.  Trump has DeSantis and Rick Scott in his pocket.
    They are going to due the something they did in 2016.  There were 100's of thousands of votes that turned up missing and were found a month later.  They are going to cheat but the people of Florida are watching and will come out about anything that is not up to the smell test.  Fortunately DeSantis is a one term governor as we are getting people ready for the next governor's election.  We are no longer sleep in Forida, we are WOKE!!! 😨😨😨

  10. Per The NY Times: “Men consume more political news, but for a lot of them, especially younger men, it’s like a hobby and a sport,” said Eitan Hersh, a professor at Tufts University and the author of “Politics is for Power.” They follow Nate Silver, a statistician and the founder of the website FiveThirtyEight, “like he’s some kind of god.”
    Wait. Isn’t that all of us? 🙂

  11. I don't necessarily see having billions of dollars in campaign contributions as a good thing. The people who give vast amounts of money usually want something in return which benefits THEM.

  12. I love how y’all want a sexist/racist/homophobic in office.. joe Biden is the worst things that’ll ever happen to this country in a long time u wanna be run by Kamala Harris and Nancy Pollosi I hope u leftest realize trump is gonna win and I’m gonna be so happy being in the military it scares the fuck out of me if Biden wins and I don’t believe he will. The pools are completely wrong drive around the country and tell me what u see it’s a lot more trump than Biden but we’ll see but im never gonna vote for a racist person or homophobic person like Biden.

  13. I'm in Florida…I think Trump will win this state as much as I hate it. Its just Florida is all I can say. Reports in the last few days show that Democrat early vote turnout is down in Miami/Dade county area…that is not good news…that is Biden's largest well of potential votes…I think Trump still has a good shot at pulling this out again unfortunately…

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