The Senate and House Elections Could Have Gone Better for Democrats

The Senate and House Elections Could Have Gone Better for Democrats

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  1. Overall, it was a bad election for Democrats. They didn't take control of the Senate (the best they can do is 50-50, but that would require winning both runoffs in January), lost 9+ seats in the House and barely won the presidential election even though they had the highest turnout in a century (which is supposed to benefit Dems). Fewer than 75K votes in PA, Georgia and Arizona saved this elections for Dems, otherwise they would've lost the presidency too. Pollsters suck and they should never be trusted again.

  2. The GOP is poised to GAIN 12 seats in The House of Representatives

    CA 21

    CA 39

    CA 48

    CA 50 – called
    FL 26 – called

    FL 27 – called
    IA 1 – called
    MI 2 – called
    MN 7 – called
    NC 11 – called
    NM – 2 called
    NY 3
    NY 11
    NY 22
    OK 5 – called
    SC 1 – called
    TX 4 – called
    UT 4

    The Democrats have won 6 GOP seats and are not leading in any uncalled GOP districts .
    NET GAIN +12 for GOP

  3. Senator salaries 170.000 base pay .why do they make do much do nothing for us.they think there doing us a favor trying to raise minimum wage to 15$ an hour.what a joke.lets drop there salaries to 15$ per hour not for the people.there all for themselves

  4. The loud mouthed progressives spoke not just to their own constituents but to the whole country about their radical views and that cost us Florida, the Senate and a chunk of our House plurality which we will have to spend a significant sum to make up. THey are on the make for their own careers but it was very, very selfish. They should be banned from significant committee assignments and

  5. underperformed?….come on……………call it what it was, some of these polls were wrong by EIGHTEEN POINTS. Thats not close at ALL. We have to all accept something…polls are not working right at the moment. Until we can quantify and fully understand what is going on, polls are dead right now. Polls are useless with the current society we have right now.

  6. I don’t wonder with the upcoming runoff, how the candidates or people in general will gauge the performance of candidates. The polls are a joke, particularly those for senate races. Anyone anyone cites a poll everyone will be like get the eff out of here.

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