The Must Win States for Joe Biden in the 2020 Election

The Must Win States for Joe Biden in the 2020 Election

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  2. Another state that Biden should focus on if he wants to win is Florida. 29 crucial electoral votes up for grabs, a higher amount than all the other states mentioned in this video.

  3. Let's start out by saying nothing is ever "in the bag," but I think Let's Talk Elections is missing the point as to what is a must-win state. I don't think Biden will get caught in Hilary's overconfidence and not campaign in Nevada, Minnesota, Colorado, Virginia and New Mexico, but I think the real"must-win" states are Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Biden could win all six of them and one thing to consider with the three Southern States is they represent 60 electoral votes. If you look at the Electoral map, Democrats dominate in states with 10 or more EVs. Take away Florida (29 EV), Georgia (16 EV) and North Carolina (15 EV) and those are three states Trump desperately needs because he can't get all orgasmic over North and South Dakota and the rest of his Midwestern "Red Wave" isn't going to send him back to Washington. When he won in 2016, he couldn't have done so with Pennsylvania (20 EV), Michigan (16 EV) and Wisconsin (10 EV). Wuithout them, he's begging NBC to let him back on the air.

  4. Trump's poll numbers in PA aren't that great. Plus Biden lost 20 plus percent to Bernie who had long dropped out. Trump got more primary votes than Biden. If I were Biden, I wouldn't focus on NC or OH right now. Trump did better than Romney in NC. WI and PA will decide the winner even if there is a recount and court battle.

  5. I would change this a little. Biden must win Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Virginia. He then must win either Wisconsin or Arizona. If he does this he will win. If he cannot do this, he will lose. He only flips Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, or Texas if the above also happens.

  6. 8:22 I can easily see Minnesota taking hours to call even if Biden is winning in a landslide. COVID-19 is causing people to vote by mail, and Minnesota doesn't start counting absentees until after the polls close. In contrast, Arizona starts counting absentees 14 days before election day. I could see Arizona being called for Biden before Minnesota even if Biden's margin in Minnesota is larger.

  7. Biden's must wins are every state Hillary won plus MI, WI and PA. I'm assuming Ohio and Florida are lost causes now and don't think Arizona or North Carolina will flip yet.

  8. Time zone. We'll get exit polls in on the east coast long before any data from Arizona or Colorado ever comes in and that east coast data will tell us what's going down.

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