The Most Horrific Map for the 2020 Presidential Election

The Most Horrific Map for the 2020 Presidential Election

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  1. It makes the UK general election system look quite sane. Win 326 seats you win outright if not (as in 2010 and 2017) make sure you can win a confidence vote in the commons, pass a Queen's speach and budget with the help of smaller parties or a full coalition, if that can't be done it goes back to the public and we vote again.

  2. I think Trump will not accept anything but a win. If Biden wins, Trump will call on his minions to start a civil war while he goes under the White House and locks himself in the bunker. At that point, who does the military support?

  3. Kinda late to the game, but the ruthless, absolutely no respect for the citizens of this country Democraps have already publicly said that they know that they already lost and to get ready for street fight, get ready for civil unrest and get ready for a coup. Think I'm full of BS? Do your research. If you don't like Trump thats fine but this Dem party has absolutely no respect for you n me period. They have one agenda n it is to enrich their families n themselves period n if you think I'm wrong, you clearly have not done enough research. A little tip, just because the CNN'S N MSNBC'S told you this n told you that does not mean it is true, almost every critical negative thing you have heard from Trumps mouth on these networks is because has been edited to do exactly that. Find the original videos to see the truth. The real poll maps show Trump by a but 5 states. Wake up! The Dems are evil.

  4. In 2016 Trump was a total unknown. Not anymore!! He enriched our economy….401k's….middle class….he removed us from the Gore-Bull warming scam…he created trade advantages…he got NATO to pay-up….all with one hand while the Demmunists assaulted him in every possible and voted against America at every opportunity……and all the Dem's are offering is unchecked rioting and more of their Dempanic.

  5. We should call this the 'Blather' channel. The guy repeats himself so much, apparently, either to convince himself about what he is saying or those who are brain damaged. He says the same thing so many times, he must model himself after Rachel Maddow.

  6. Please note error: If there Would be a tie in the 2020 Presidential Election, it would be the CURRENT House of Representatives and Senate that would selected the VP and President. Meaning any change to Congress due to the 2020 election would NOT be selecting the VP and President. Towards the end of this video you lead viewers to think the congressional results of the 2020 election could change the results of the VP and Presidential 2020 election if there is a tie. This is false.

  7. Two months later, the map is much for favorable to Biden. But there are rioters in Seattle and Portland who are trying to throw the election to Trump, and we don’t know yet who Biden will choose for VP. The Democrats still have time to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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