The moaned star state | Opinion

The moaned star state | Opinion

Oh, what a year it was. What great leadership. How many brave souls stood up against tyranny and made Texans proud. I’m talking about 1836, of course. But 2021 will go down as, well, gone down. Mobs crashing into the U.S. Capitol, including several Texans. A freeze that made millions of us miserable. A stampede at a music festival that left 10 dead and a few hundred ambulance-chasing lawyers set for life. Then there is the pandemic. So let’s look back in our rearview mirror at the roadkill before Texas Monthly steals our Bum Steers.

First, we must consider what our Texans did in Congress. During a hearing of the House Natural Resources Committee, Jennifer Eberlein, associate deputy chief of the U.S. Forest Service, fielded queries about a handful of bills, mostly about special permitting changes in national parks. That is, until U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert asked, “Is there anything that the National Forest Service or BLM [the Bureau of Land Management] can do to change the course of the moon’s orbit, or the Earth’s orbit around the sun?” Gohmert, a Tyler Republican, also gave an hour-long speech on the House floor in which he called the vast majority of those who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 “peaceful Americans” whose only crime was supporting former President Donald Trump. In court documents released by the Department of Justice, Texans led the nation in the number of arrests in the melee with 44 cases, but only as of May 26.

One “peaceful American” was Jenna Ryan, a Texas real estate agent, who vowed she would not do any jail time because she entered the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 attack. Ryan tweeted, “Definitely not going to jail. Sorry I have blonde hair white skin a great job a great future and I’m not going to jail” and “I did nothing wrong.” She was sentenced to 60 days in jail. Across the Capitol Rotunda, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz made Texas the laughingstock of America, again, flying off to Cancun during Ice Storm Uri, explaining that he had promised his daughters a vacation. When his trip became public, Cruz flew back the next day.

Speaking of Ice Storm Uri, there is no point in once more ticking off the misery, inconvenience and deaths that very preventable disaster inflicted on us. But the aftermath of buck-passing, me-no- Alamo dodging that came from those responsible still boggles the mind. Who voted for these weasels? They are still in office, so stock up on generators. Moving on, a crowd of conspiracy lovers gathered in downtown Dallas at Dealey Plaza. The group believed that John F. Kennedy Jr., (the son of JFK), who died in 1999 in a plane crash, would make an appearance at the site where JFK was assassinated. There, Junior would announce that Trump had actually won the election.

Only hours after Trump, still falsely claiming the election was stolen, pressed Gov. Greg Abbott for a ballot review of four large Texas counties, Abbott and GOP legislative leaders used their emergency powers to move $4 million to fund election audits — although the secretary of state’s office declared the 2020 elections to be “smooth and secure.” This, despite the fact that three-quarters of Texans believe the election results to be somewhat or very accurate. Trump won Texas by 5.5 percentage points, the closest margin of victory by a GOP presidential nominee in decades. The 4-million tax dollars were taken out of the chronically underfunded state prison budget.

Fox Watching the Henhouse: Gov. Abbott appointed John Scott, a Fort Worth attorney, as Texas’ new secretary of state. In that position, Scott oversees election administration in Texas. He briefly represented Trump in a lawsuit challenging the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania. Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office distributed a 59-page report which also included more than 300 pages of purported exculpatory evidence. It concluded that Paxton did not accept bribes nor misuse his office to benefit a campaign donor. The document was unsigned. The report came despite an ongoing FBI investigation into the matter. Eight of Paxton’s (now-former) top aides had made bribery and abuse of office accusations against him last fall.

Don’t Mess With Virginia: Georgia pol Stacey Abrams had a message for Democrats in Virginia prior to their gubernatorial election: “If you want to know what happens in nine days, if we don’t get out and vote, look at what’s happening in Texas.” Many attendees groaned at the idea.

Now for something completely different: Good news. The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season generated 21 named storms, four major hurricanes and a new addition to the list of costliest U.S. hurricanes. Only one storm directly affected the Houston area: Hurricane Nicholas made landfall Sept. 14 near the Matagorda Peninsula. It brought wind gusts and power outages but it, for the most part, left Houston unscathed. There was good news, too, on our sports scene. The Houston Astros made it to the World Series. They lost. The UH Cougars had a splendid football season, going 11-2. But the Houston Texans remained an embarrassment, as of this writing they are 2 and 11, but may earn the Number 1 pick in the college draft. Maybe they’ll get a quarterback that doesn’t face 22 charges of sexual assault and harassment. The Houston Rockets, with a 17-55 record, ended last season with the worst record in the NBA. They started out this season 1-and-18.

Now we know the truth: “WHAT HAPPENED AT THE TRAVIS SCOTT CONCERT?” one Facebook post begins. “They’re practicing!! Once they put graphene oxide in you, all they have to do is TUNE THE FREQUENCY!!” The post goes on to say that a material called graphene oxide can “destroy consciousness” and control people through magnetic frequencies, which includes music. “They will turn people into zombies, literally … As others have said, this is a test run on the vaxxed,” it concludes.

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