The HIDDEN TRUTH About Politics | Jordan Peterson (Trump vs Biden 2020 Election)

The HIDDEN TRUTH About Politics | Jordan Peterson (Trump vs Biden 2020 Election)

Jordan Peterson gives his thoughts on the current status of politics in the United States (Democrat vs Republican). With the 2020 USA Election… Trump vs Biden, there are many people feeling like our values and personal opinions are being put to the test. Discover some hidden truths and secrets that you may not know otherwise!

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  1. I like your talks and I listen to one earlier with Ben Shapiro and yourself and it was extremely stimulating intellectually and deep which I like to listen to however I fear that many many people will have no idea about what you're talking about because the construction what have you or much deeper than what the average individual can comprehend. I think a part of that might not have made sense because I'm voice dictating because I can't see the screen so well anymore but hopefully you can figure it out nevertheless thank you for providing such illumination.

  2. One of the greatest videos, thinkers, and teachers of the modern time. Maybe of all, he’s such a smart, companionate, and willing person. Don’t make him out as red skull he’s just a fair man

  3. If there is a new world order a man like this would atually be a good leader if the world was to unite under 1 this is the only person I know that is morally and logically right

  4. Jordan … I suggest that if your young son was a flirt with others, it's because he was well loved and learned to trust that the world is a safe place to be. Babies that are physically and emotionally abused, will not be flirting with others.

  5. I was once asked if I would run for politics, and my answer was, "NO!" I added, that being a politician is a tough job, and I would rather just sit back, be an armchair politician, and be able to complain, without ever having to do the job.

  6. That's a Great equation..Until you factor in Socialism..Which grows into being a Marxist..Add a tad more..A Communist…Add some more..A Globalist..Keep on until Your a Luciferian, ushering in the Anti-Christ…And NeoCons will mix into this formula just as well…Why can't we just use the receipe of Jesus, Family and Country…And in that order…It's worked before…But No, That would make You a Dogmatic Patriot!!!…UUuughh!!!..That would be Old Fashion…Or Somehow Racist…Or it would be in the ISIM'S column…It just wouldn't fit in the catogory of "If it feels good, Do it!…Boring, Right?….Well, as for my House and I, We shall serve the Lord…I am in this World, but I am not of it…

  7. The posts read: “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed. -This has been going on Since the Socialist Liberal party learned how Hitler won over Everyone. Dont believe the Propaganda Ministry in the District of Columbia.!!!

  8. It was a hard choice for me, I could either click on Buddy Hackett's Duck Joke or this video, and now I'm wondering if I made the right decision? ) : because Jordan is telling me that by me being a conservative I am too rigid and on time, and that's a bad thing?.

  9. To keep people en masse, feeling safe, you must have a conscientious government which gives them predictability. That's what the law is all about….

  10. Its ironic that for for someone like Peterson who identifies as a left leaning liberal, is the very same one liberals initially shut down in the first place forcing him to do these

  11. You really need to stop putting random background music and pictures/videos. You should be putting the actual video of Jordan or anyone who speaks. Stop trying to create emotions by random audio or visual effects. Mostly becuase these random videos have nothing in common with what the video talks about.

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