‘The Five’ on Biden pushing socialism on Americans

'The Five' on Biden pushing socialism on Americans

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JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello everybody. I’m Jesse Watters along with Emily Compagno, Jessica Tarlov, Dana Perino, and Greg Gutfeld. It’s 5:00 in New York City and this is THE FIVE.

President Biden taking socialism sales pitch on the road as far left agitators continue to harass moderates who dare defy his agenda. The president out in Michigan today trying to convince Americans to support his massive spending plan even while his own party isn’t even fully on board.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: I know there’s a lot of noise in Washington. There always is, but it seems to me a little more than usual now, anywhere from 40 to 80 years in America there is an inflection point we have to choose what direction we’re going to go.

These bills are not about left versus right or moderate versus progressive or anything that pits Americans against one another. These bills are about competitiveness versus complacency. To oppose these investments is to be complicit in America’s decline.


WATTERS: And after President Biden said following a female senator into a bathroom stall is just a part of the process. Guessed what happened, Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema once again hounded by activists while walking through an airport, and then they got in her face once she got on the actually plane.

All right, Dana —


WATTERS: — so the Democrats can afford to lose three votes in the House, zero votes in the Senate. Do you think Joe doing this sales pitch is going to move anything?

PERINO: Well, I don’t necessarily think so because he doesn’t have to convince people in Michigan.


PERINO: He has to convince two senators.


PERINO: And those two senators are the ones that he just basically said “it’s okay to follow them into the bathroom and harass them.”

WATTERS: Should he have gone to Arizona and West Virginia instead of Michigan?

PERINO: I think he should apologize to her. And I think that she will not forget it. And remember the — we’ve had a long line of this, right? He ran for office saying “I am not — I will return to normal and I am civil and I am mature, and everything will be calmer and nicer.” And that is just turning out not to be true. When he takes their side — of these people that went into the bathroom to film or — first of all, never have conversations on a bathroom on your phone ever. Don’t ever sneak a phone into the bathroom. It’s just horrible.

I don’t think she’ll forget it. So, he can go to Michigan and he can try to maybe help a little bit for Elissa Slotkin for example. She is one of the congresswoman there that’s in a very tough swing district and will probably will face a pretty good competitive Republican. But the other thing is that if you think just back when you had the Democrats encouraging the harassment of people like, remember Maxine Waters?


PERINO: And Cory Booker said, “Get up in their faces.” And that that’s the way you resolve things and you can only resolver — you can only afford to lose two. And he held those — and he held those (inaudible) of two people and he’s very vindictive about it, right? So that tells everybody on the left that is so mat at Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin that you are validated. So go ahead and go after them.

So, I don’t necessarily think it helps him get their votes, no. And I also think it was a huge mistake. It’s like a deplorable moment. If you look at these 72 percent of independents who are like “I don’t like what’s going on here.” That kind of thing, chasing people into a bathroom and saying it’s just part of the process, they don’t like that.

WATTERS: Greg, I remember when people used to love maverick senators from Arizona. Now, it’s the other way around.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: That’s when you think — yes. When you could use them.


GUTFELD: They love you when you use them. This is a microcosm of the Democratic Party. You have moderates to moderates and you have unstable idiots who command an outsized presence on social media. And I think what we’re seeing what we don’t like about Joe Biden is that he throws everybody over the side for the radicals because he doesn’t understand their presence or their power.

If he had the cajones to stand up to them this would be a different story. But he’s terrified of the twitter mob. And that was the twitter mob in physical presence. Look, the obvious question for me is, if all of what Democrats want is so good, why must they be so coercive about it? Why chase people? Shouldn’t the sell be really, really easy?

So why do you — why are the coercion tactics somehow getting worse every single year, getting in people’s faces, shouting at them, saying there is no sense of dialogue? It’s like socialism in general. If this is something that is so good for us, why do we find it so repulsive? Why does it need to be rammed down our throat if it’s something that is so utopian and so wonderful?

So I want to get to my next point, which is a far larger point. It’s going to take about an hour.

WATTERS: You got the time (ph).

GUTFELD: Okay. So you wonder why you have these polls that show that a large number of people want to succeed when they talk about the country splitting up and everybody pulls their hair out “oh, my god.” It raises a question, if the Dems hate half the country so much and it’s that half that want to split, why should you care, right?

If the people you hate want to leave, you should be ecstatic! So why are you so filled with hate about the people who just want to get out of there? You should just let them go! So I have a solution for this. We are in a stage of a marriage where one spouse needs to walk out, right? And it’s not for a divorce. It’s a trial separation, right?

Because right now the politicians are letting us down. We have no more law enforcement in major cities. The crab is going to hell in a hand basket. We need a trial separation for two years. One of the states has to take — have the guts and go “I’m first. I’ll step out,” right, Texas? And then somebody else will — we do it for two years, trial separation. See if it works. I have a feeling we’ll miss each other and we’ll all come back better and stronger. The sex will be great.

WATTERS: Separate the union. They tried that once. There was a bloody civil war (inaudible).

GUTFELD: No, you won’t need a war for this. You don’t need a war for this.

WATTERS: You don’t — no war?

GUTFELD: See, the people — the people who hate you should be happy if you want to leave. Do you see my point? There is no need for war if you just walk out the door with your suitcase.

WATTERS: Okay. So we can just get rid of Vermont.

JESSICA TALOV, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Austin would like a word.


WATTERS: Let’s address not Greg’s larger point, but maybe the medium-sized point he made about the left using brute force now, kind of too lazy to persuade with words, instead now just jamming everything down peoples throat by force or cancellation.

TARLOV: Well, I think force is probably an extreme term since she was not injured, though being violated in the bathroom is a really ultimate sin and I was surprised that she didn’t just walk back out. You know, I don’t know who would have continued —

PERINO: Well, when you got to go, you got to go.

TARLOV: No, I would hold it and it’s hard for me to hold it these days.

GUTFELD: Blaming her bladder.

TARLOV: I am. Okay, quick. So I went back and I looked at what’s actually in the bill and it’s a lot, a lot of things obviously including, you know, universal Pre-K, child care, Medicare expansion, child tax credits, drug prices. President Biden spoke a little bit about what would happen with the Hyde Amendment. That is somewhere where Joe Manchin is going to be non- negotiable and the progressives in Congress to say that that’s incredibly important to them, perhaps a sticking point.

But what is interesting is there is behind the scenes negotiations going on. It just came out overnight that Joe Manchin and Biden have been talking privately. Manchin has now shifted to $1.9 trillion to $2.2 trillion. And Congresswoman Jayapal has said I could talk about $2.5 trillion.

Suddenly you are in the Nancy zone, right? You’re somewhere where you can make progress with that and Kyrsten Sinema, the big difference between her and John McCain, certainly on voting record, but John McCain loved talking to people. He loved talking to constituents and he loved talking to the press and to the cameras.

And I think that she really needs to start explaining herself more publicly. Joe Manchin has for his part been on every Sunday show saying these are my problems, these is what I think is good. And I think it would behoove her to do more interviews about it so that we can hopefully get to a place of conciliation.


GUTFELD: Wait? You like the word behoove?


GUTFELD: Yes. Behoove.

GUTFELD: You — you were so happy when you heard it.

PERINO: That’s her favorite word.


COMPAGNO: So excited it came from someone else. You guys, bottom line, this entire thing is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter, respectfully, if she’s injured or not like when you take the 30,000 foot view —

TARLOV: No, it’s bad. Yes.

COMPAGNO: — this attack on her, she’s being vilified, eaten alive by her own party simply because she was labeled the conservative Democrat by Representative Jayapal. Now, one of the defenses I heard for that (inaudible) ambush in the restroom was until the LGBTQ community is safe in the restroom, she shouldn’t be nor should any of us. She’s a member of that community obviously.

This just underscores why the progressive left’s logic is missing, if at all. And I think the issue here as well is the fact that there is zero accountability for those that are rallying the troops against her. If that had been a progressive member of the left, they would have been a homophobic, misogynistic attack.

But instead, twitter is allowed to rally the troops. They have a policy specifically prohibiting encouraging incitement and encouraging bullying for a specific individual. We are now seeing that for a sitting senator because of the incendiary quality of all of these righteous social warriors who haven’t read the bill themselves and who just want the dopamine hit on the video.

So it’s now an anything goes mentality because of those progressive leaders that Joe Biden has caved to.

PERINO: It’s like they said, “she had it coming.”

WATTERS: Right. And it’s an interesting point you made about, you know, you can question Fauci and you’re nuked off twitter, but you can post video of a senator in the bathroom and that just spreads everywhere.

COMPAGNO: There are (inaudible) accounts that bully her.

WATTERS: Tsk, tsk, twitter. Tsk, tsk.

COMPAGNO: Exactly.

GUTFELD: Strong words from Jesse.

WATTERS: That’s right. I’m firing on all cylinders today. Joe Biden’s IRS wants to snoop around in your bank account. Big government’s stunning invasion of privacy next on THE FIVE.


GUTFELD: A massive invasion of privacy could be coming courtesy of Uncle Sam. A new proposal by the Biden administration would give the IRS access to all bank accounts with balances of $600 or more. Republicans are calling it a big government intrusion.


SEN. CYNTHIA LUMMIS (R-WY): Do you distrust the American people so much that you need to know when they bought a couch or a cow?

SEN. TOMMY TUBERVILLE (R-AR): They want to know how much money you’ve got in the bank, how much you are spending, if you bought a wedding dress or a gun. They’re going to have a list, a mile long on you.

REP. STEVE SCALISE (R-LA): What does that have to do with Building Back Better or infrastructure or even, you know, equity?


GUTFELD: Jesse, cows, couches, in your case, hair products.


GUTFELD: You spend 600 bucks on hair products in a week.

WATTERS: At least.

GUTFELD: What is going on here? This is insane.

WATTERS: Well, it’s not going to happen. If I know anything, banks always win. They got the lobbyists already down there making sure this doesn’t get in the bill. But Biden has some nerve after his son Hunter is being probed for tax fraud.


WATTERS: For taking diamonds and hiding overseas income. Then Joe is going to go out and slap the IRS agents on every single American with a bank account? Your relationship with your bank is sacred. It’s like your relationship with your lawyer or, you know, your relationship —

TARLOV: Your wife.

WATTERS: — with your wife. But it’s a one-on-one relationship, right?


TARLOV: Hopefully.

WATTERS: The Feds want to make it a threesome. It’s not a threesome. This is supposed to be you and your bank, right? And I don’t trust the IRS. Do you trust the IRS?



WATTERS: They leaked Donald Trump’s taxes. I mean, they leaked the taxes of Jeff Bezos. They always leak. Remember what they did with the Tea Party?

PERINO: Yes. They went after them.

WATTERS: I don’t trust any IRS agent to come looking into my bank account. Next thing you know, it’s going to be in the “New York Daily News.” And that’s where they leak it to. The other thing is, two, it’s going to push everybody out of the banking system and into places like bitcoin.

If you’re afraid the government is snooping on your regular checking account, that’s what they’re going to do. There’s a lot of money that people hide. I get it. But not regular wage earners.


WATTERS: We’re talking about people with partnerships and family businesses. That’s where the money is hid in re-financing real estate, not here.

GUTFELD: Yes. Jessica, is there something that we’re missing here like — what is the strong argument for this and why 600 bucks? I don’t get this at all.

TARLOV: I was actually surprised to see Janet Yellen defending it because $600 is such a low amount. It’s not that I don’t value money in any way, but that’s an amount that the average American could have in a savings account. I mean, it has always been such a powerful argument that Democrats make about the average American family not being able to handle a medical emergency, right?

Like when we go into elections and we say this is why we need better health care options, that’s why we need better wages because if something, God forbid, were to happen to an uninsured family they wouldn’t be able to cover the cost. That cost though is higher than the $600 and there has been pushback from Democrats on it.

I don’t understand it. You want the really rich people, the people who are going through shell companies and aren’t reporting their income, and that’s certainly not the average person with $600, and its $80 billion out of the bill right away that we could just take out.

GUTFELD: Yes. There you go. You know, Emily, if you compare this to what we see on that streets with the rampant crime, anarchy on the city streets, which we’ll be talking about on the D block, we’re going — we’re too busy going after taxpayers. We’re going after parents, you know, getting in fights at school boards. We’re going after people who have $600, but we’re not going after the people committing actual crimes.

COMPAGNO: Yes. This president keeps villainizing the wrong Americans.

GUTFELD: Is it vilifying?

COMPAGNO: No, villainizing. He’s making regular Americans villains.

GUTFELD: Are you sure?

COMPAGNO: Yes. Villain.

TARLOV: I think it’s both.

PERINO: It would behoove you.

COMPAGNO: Anyway — I look like a villain today, I feel like. And to expand on your point, so you guys, yes, the spending bill already includes $80 billion to go toward the IRS so that they can hire new staffers. This they claim will result in them getting back $700 billion over the next 10 years.

However, the IRS admits that its data is seven years old. So they are using your tax dollars to pad their budget even more to hire new people to then go around and attack average Americans. We already know that the IRS is where common sense goes to die, but I’ll give you just another example of the bloated budget.

Like I’ve seen a $100,000 prosecution on the criminal side which is filled with JB (ph) league individuals to reclaim a $30,000 alleged fraud. And remember, you know, the accountability when they, for example, leaked the Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg’s records, they said, oh, trust us, we will investigate and hold them accountable. Well, what are the result of that investigation? They are simply investigating you.

GUTFELD: Dana, what are your thoughts on this?

PERINO: Well, on the IRS issue, I was talking to some people that work on the Senate side and it is one of the top — this issue of the IRS expansion that Biden wants to do is one of the top three issues that Senate officers are getting calls about and they’re mad because it’s a $97 billion in it.

They’re mad about that because it’s like do you know that small businesses are going to have to eat that. They don’t have the lobbyists or the accountants that can help them figure out or navigate all of that. And a real interesting thing is that Republicans are saying and Trump really pushed this, right, cutting red tape for small business.


PERINO: Biden wants to cut red tape for the IRS agents and hire more of them so that they can go after you, but I also think this is really important. President Biden has nominated a woman named Saule Omarova. She would be Comptroller of the Currency. It deserves a lot more attention. I could not believe it when I saw this. So she went to the University of Moscow —


PERINO: — on a Lenin scholarship. She has said that the market does not always know best. Basically, she would be put in charge of the currency of the United States. So, that’s why I think like this and then the C block topic and the D block, you add all that together and —

GUTFELD: What do you have?

PERINO: — I think Americans are waking up —

GUTFELD: A trial separation.

COMPAGNO: I bet you she’s in Hunter Biden’s rolodex.

PERINO: A cooling off period.

GUTFELD: Yes. We need a cool off period, you know. I don’t know what I’m saying. Up next, Biden being accused of weaponizing the FBI to silence parents speaking out at school board meetings. Its worst.


PERINO: President Biden being accused of using the FBI to silence parents protesting at school board meetings. His administration facing fierce criticism over the DOJ mobilizing federal law enforcement to deal with threats from parents speaking out against COVID policies and critical race theory.

That announcement coming after the National School Board Association asked President Biden to classify some of these school board protests as, yes, domestic terrorism. Critics saying this is an attempt to crush dissent.

Greg, it’s interesting. So, the attorney general is Merrick Garland. He was the one who was denied the opportunity to be confirmed to be a Supreme Court justice. Maybe it’s a good thing —

GUTFELD: Yes. Well, this is —

PERINO: — because there is no federal crime here.

GUTFELD: Everything that these folks in the media and the Democrats accused Trump of doing or what he was going to do, they are actually doing. Imagine if Trump had to done this. What they’re doing here is, and I hate to use the phrase weaponizing, but they are weaponizing a hypothetical threat.

They start with — first, they start to a categorizing words as weapons. So now anyone you disagree with verbally you can frame it as a terroristic possibility, right. So, you know, if you say something that bothers me, how can anybody deny that I don’t feel threatened? So, there is no way you can deny it. It’s like you’re not me so I could say I feel threatened.

I get it, the school board meetings can get fiery, but using the “T” word is an act of war on an American citizen because it changes their life almost permanently. They — you know — you’re basically — you’re targeting law enforcement at them. It — and I’ll finish with this. If you could take one major world problem off the shelf, right? We have all the starvation, we have crime, we have racism.

The one thing that you need to fix his education because that solves for everything else, right? If you solve for education, crime will go down. There’ll be less polarization. There won’t be any war because we’re all educated, we’re sophisticated.

That’s why parents should be treating this so seriously. That’s why it’s so urgent for them to take care of their kids because they know that it sucks. The education system is garbage.

PERINO: It was just last week, Jesse, that the Virginia gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat, in a debate basically said the quiet part out loud —


PERINO: — that teachers unions and the schools, the administrators, should have more say over what is being taught in the schools than the parents, considered probably — possibly a fatal error in that campaign.

WATTERS: It was an error. I don’t know if it’s going to cost him the election, but it’s a big problem he has. But this is the left trying to destroy anything that gets in the way of their agenda. They will cancel you. They will spy on you. They will prosecute you. They will lock you in the brig if you question things that were done in Afghanistan.

And instead of going after, I don’t know, the cartels, trafficking at the southern border, or shoot-outs in Chicago, they are going after mom and dad. They’re going after Mrs. Montgomery who is upset for the school board slapping a mask on little Johnny or pumping Johnny’s brain full of racism.

These are political prosecutions now and the priorities are all political. This does not rise above the level of a local police department. If a threat was made, even if it was credible, let the local P.D. handle it. This is not domestic terrorism.

PERINO: The, you know, who didn’t get the FBI treatment was Larry Nassar, right? The accused pedophile, right. So, there’s no prosecution. Then I don’t think — I can’t imagine that the FBI has time for this. And I imagine that Chris Wray, the FBI director who is basic — they are under the umbrella of the Justice Department, but considered independent for a 10-year term, in something like this might he push back?

COMPAGNO: I would hope so. That would be some semblance of modicum of honor and character here because to your point, what federal crime is there. You guys, to be clear, the National School Board Association, where millions of parents have their children go to school under their auspice, are calling specifically for these parents, the threats of violence and the violence itself according to them. They’re calling on the DOJ to exercise their rights under the Patriot Act —


COMPAGNO: The gun rights — the school free — the gun-free school zone act, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Prevention Crime Act of violent interference with federally protected rights statute and the conspiracy against rights statute in addition to calling upon the USPS, the Postal Service, to intervene.

So, to your points here, the most dangerous person in the neighborhood is the patriot flying the American flag, the most dangerous thing in the schools is the parent trying to intervene on behalf of their kids. The most — but keep in mind there’s no anger against the violent crimes that are happening in our cities.

This president reserves condemnation, however, for the unvaccinated, right? The Taliban is businesslike, these parents have no place at the table in the conversation of the school board. It is so backwards and it’s being furthered socially and in media and everywhere. And now they are trying to weaponize the DOJ and your tax dollars to prosecute parents.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: Antifa was just an idea to Biden, right? And the parents are the crime — are the criminals.

PERINO: Jessica, we’ll give you a chance for the last word.

JESSICA TARLOV, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: There’s so much though. So, Joe Biden thinks the Taliban is worse than Mrs. Montgomery, so just for the record there. We were showing footage split screen there of parents screaming at educators and going to these school board meetings or videos of parents outside of school getting up in the faces of these teachers.

I’m not saying there’s a violation under the Patriot Act but this is not just like, hey, could you give me a callback, I’m a little concerned about what’s going on —

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: At least they didn’t follow her into the bathroom.

TARLOV: Right. But not everything is about the whataboutism of it, right? So, this is the job of the national school boards association to take up issues that are facing educators. This is a real issue for them on both the COVID-19 protocols which they are not deciding. And you’ve even seen actually teachers’ unions kind of getting their butts whooped about the mandatory vaccinations on this because teachers want an exemption and they’re not going to get it in all cases.

So, I think that Patriot Act obviously going too far here, but we can’t deny the fact that there is a problem in the way that some of these parents who are really angry about what’s going on whether it’s critical race theory or having to do with the pandemic are treating these people who serve them and are educating their kids. You can disagree with the quality of that education but —

GUTFELD: They get three months off in the summertime, right? And now they want no accountability for the months that they work. Screw that.

PERINO: Well, anger is protected free speech.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly.

PERINO: Anger is not violence necessarily.

GUTFELD: If it was, I wouldn’t have a job.

PERINO: Although violence is bad, but it’s also to the point, it’s not an FBI issue. FBI has got plenty to deal with including terrorist threats, actual ones. Ahead, is this the new normal in liberal cities? Shocking videos show out-of-control crime. You will not believe it. We’ll be right back.


COMPAGNO: Anarchy in the streets gripping liberal cities once again and leading many of us to wonder if this is the new normal. Shocking video shows a wild west-style shootout on a New York City street and a horrifying moment when a woman shoves an innocent female commuter into an approaching New York City subway train. The suspect is now being charged with attempted murder. And in Philly, cops watch helplessly as street racers do donuts around their cruiser outside city hall and dance on top of it after blocking traffic and letting off fireworks.

Jessica, part of what is so terrifying to me is the indiscriminate nature of so many of these crimes right. You’re just commuting, you are just in Times Square and you get shot in the back. There’s there’s really zero way to protect yourself against so much of this other than not living in these Democrat-led cities which unfortunately for a lot of people, it’s not a choice they can make.

TARLOV: It’s definitely not. And we hadn’t — Jesse and I had a nice little squabble about this last week so I definitely don’t want to go back to that one.

COMPAGNO: I’m sorry.

TARLOV: Oh no, no. We’re fine. We made up, I think.

WATTERS: I didn’t even remember.

TARLOV: I’m glad it had such an impact on you. I cried all night. But I — and I hate to do this because I’m not trying to shift blame off of it. It will be genuinely interesting to see what this new generation of political leadership looks like. We have Eric Adams coming in here in New York City who ran on a criminal justice — criminal justice reform and tough on crime platform and used his experience in the past as a police officer for that.

You’ve seen the Biden task force on this. It has police chiefs from all over the country that are saying this has to be dealt with. We’re not ignoring the fact that we have seen these spikes certainly during the last year and a half or so. So, I’m just looking forward to it. But it is genuinely scary that you don’t know when or where it’s going to happen. It used to just be contained into bad neighborhoods and it’s not.

COMPAGNO: So, what do you see as the tipping point? What has to be the change or what will change to actually turn these cities around to get this crime under control? Will it be the election?

WATTERS: Well, in New York, they’ve got to bring back the anti-crime unit. They disbanded that 600 officers. These are the guys in plainclothes undercover. They’re in every housing unit in the Bronx, every corner, every precinct, and they jump out at people. And they do foot pursuits and they take illegal guns off the streets.

And a lot of the shooters wouldn’t carry guns back then because if you get arrested and you’re a felon in position of a firearm, you could go to jail for a very long time. And now they don’t have those guys jumping out anymore, and these criminals basically own these streets. So, they have to bring that back.

Eric Adams says he’s going to bring it back. NYPD admitted they made a mistake in disbanding that. And even the residents of the Bronx are begging for these plainclothes officers to get back on the streets to help them out.

COMPAGNO: And Dana, so this woman — first of all, they haven’t found her yet, but when they do, she’s charged with attempted murder. But what — will — would there actually be a prosecution? With bail reform law, she should probably get back on the street. There’s no prison time.

PERINO: Right, exactly. I mean, I think that you could — this conversation cannot include what President Biden has done in terms of uh hiring pro- crime, anti-enforcement, people at the Department of Justice filling the roles of the U.S. attorney’s office with people who refuse to enforce the laws. And so, yes, she might be charged with attempted murder, but then it should be out the next day because of bail reform that they want to do.

I mean, the police have — in order for this to actually turn around, the question that you asked Jesse, if I could answer that one as well, is they have to be funded, supported, protected, and empowered. It’s easy actually. This — it wouldn’t be hard if the priorities were in order, but they’re clearly not.

COMPAGNO: And Greg, if those cops had hopped out of their car and started trying to arrest people, they would probably get put on a viral video and put on administrative leave for excessive force and potentially prosecute it as well. So, that’s also why they are hamstring from even doing their jobs in these horrible viral videos.

GUTFELD: Yes, the moment somebody — they do their job, somebody goes like this and goes the world is watching, so they’re screwed. The contrast has to be noted. It’s obvious. People are getting murdered, getting beaten, robbed by thugs who escape punishment, but we’re chasing parents and we’re chasing Trump voters or a guy in a Viking hat or whatever. Whatever — whoever they are, they aren’t doing this.

And I wonder where the feminists are since many of these victims are women, a lot of them in New York are Asian — are Asian elderly women. A man, to the — to the point of the feminist, a man in Virginia was released after beating his wife because of what you were talking about, lenient DAs, progressive DAs, Soros-funded DAs. And what does he do? He murders her, you know.

So, I think it’s time for the left — you know, the left talks about like identity and how proud they are of diversity and of women. Where the hell are they? The people are just — they’re attacking women on the street and yet you turn a blind eye. It’s a shame.

COMPAGNO: It’s a shame. All right, guys, up next, Katie Couric ripping colleagues and celebrities in a cutthroat new book that just got her banned on one network. Stay with us.


TARLOV: Former Today anchor Katie Couric torching numerous colleagues, competitors, and celebrities in an explosive tell-all book. What she says is so controversial it reportedly got her banned from plugging it on CBS.

Among the most salacious revelations, Couric admits she “heard the whispers about long-time colleague Matt Lauer’s alleged sexual misconduct and sent sympathetic messages to the disgraced anchor following his firing from NBC in 2017. Couric also taking shots at Prince Harry who she says stunk of cigarettes and alcohol when they met in 2012.

Greg, I’m going to go to you first about this. Is anything that came out in the book surprising?

GUTFELD: I don’t know how salacious it is to say somebody smells like booze and cigarettes. That’s 90 — that’s my family. Everybody smells like booze and cigarettes.

TARLOV: And a mid-20s Prince Harry.

GUTFELD: And you wouldn’t believe this 20-year-old, he’s — he was drinking. Shut up, Couric. By the way, she’s just detestable. You know why? I’ll tell you why. They called her America’s sweetheart being sarcastic, right? Oh, here comes America’s sweetheart. That’s what they were saying. And then it’s just stuck, and then she actually believed they were serious she was America’s sweetheart.

She’s not America’s sweetheart. She’s America’s gremlin. By the way, TV makes people weird. It made her really weird. It’s making me a little weird but it’s making her really weird.

WATTERS: You had a head start.

GUTFELD: Yes, that’s true.

TARLOV: So, Dana, one of the areas that she kind of wades into is the MeToo conversation and the women helping other women also and that she specifically — she calls out Ashleigh Banfield as someone who she purposely didn’t help in her career to preserve herself. Do you think this has —

PERINO: She also went after Diane Sawyer —


PERINO: — which is rude, very rude. Also, to Greg’s earlier — the previous block, where are the feminists, right? And so, is Matt Lauer, is that not an issue anymore?

TARLOV: It’s definitely an issue.

PERINO: So, I don’t understand why at this point in your career you would write a book that just tries to throw a match and burn it all down. America watch her for a long —

GUTFELD: It’s what a reality show.

PERINO: It’s a reality show?

GUTFELD: That’s what this is.

PERINO: I mean, she had a podcast. I don’t know if it’s going —

GUTFELD: It didn’t do well.

PERINO: I did not download.

TARLOV: Why do you think she wrote this now?

WATTERS: I think she had to unburden herself from all of the phoniness that was attached to her. Deep down, she was always the chipper and sunny woman with all smiles and a trailblazer for women. But deep down, she was a cutthroat nasty narcissist who was throwing sharp elbows in a really superficial industry.

Am I surprised? Absolutely not. Do I find it refreshing that this backstabbing liberal confessed to what a phony person she is? Yes.


WATTERS: Yes, I love it that she’s saying how shallow she is and how she tried to take down other women. She’s not a trailblazer. She’s a small- minded TV personality who craves attention and she needed to get it all off of her chest in the twilight of her career and wrote a gossipy memoir for more attention because that’s what she thrives on.

TARLOV: I’m shocked she didn’t ask you to blurb her book, Jesse. Emily, what do you think?

COMPAGNO: Well, first of all, twilight should not be used in the same sentence as Katie Couric because twilight shall forever remain the best trilogy of all time. I feel like — I feel the same way that you do. You said it perfectly. And I just wonder what was worth it? How much money was worth burning all those bridges totally firing her —

PERINO: She’s not worried about money.

COMPAGNO: — burning up her reputation if she had apparently a positive one. And to your point, I just hope that the proceeds aren’t — don’t really amount too much because she seems like a really terrible person who looks like a peeled grape.

GUTFELD: I don’t know. I kind of like —

WATTERS: A peeled grape.

GUTFELD: I’m kind of with Jesse on this now. I kind of like her that she actually admitted that she’s not what everybody said, and that she’s a loathsome anti —


GUTFELD: She’s a misogynist.


GUTFELD: It’s amazing. She’s a feminist, now she’s a misogynist.

PERINO: The former makeup artist of hers told me that she was the meanest person he’d ever worked with.

COMPAGNO: But she should say — like, say that to your friends in a bar. Don’t say that in a book.

GUTFELD: Oh, I think it’s brave now. Now she’s my hero. I’ve changed completely.

PERINO: Book her on the show.

GUTFELD: She’s welcome. Katie, anytime come on the show, exclamation point.

TARLOV: We could also — we have to consider the fact that also maybe a lot of this was already known, so she’s just putting it out there for that reason. “ONE MORE THING” is up next.


WATTERS: It’s time now for “ONE MORE THING. Dana Perino.

PERINO: Well, this week, Fox News Channel is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

GUTFELD: Really?

PERINO: Yes. I don’t know if you’ve heard it yet. In honor of this achievement, Fox News Media executives and long-time employees rang the iconic Nasdaq opening bell this morning. Here’s a look at that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It’s my great pleasure to welcome Fox Corporation and Fox News Media this morning.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is an extraordinary celebration and a great moment for our team both on and off the air. Today we celebrate with our loyal audience and we’re very thankful and happy to be here. Thank you.


PERINO: So, there you have it. If you go to foxnews.com/foxnews25, so that’s foxnews.com/foxnews25, you can see all of these wonderful little vignettes you might have been seeing throughout the day of all sorts of people here, Fox News personalities and many people that work incredibly hard behind the scenes over the last 25 years. And I’m excited for the next 25 years because we’ll all be here, right? Yes.

I also want to just highlight a fantastic new book. It just hit the shelves. It’s really important book. It’s called No Way To Treat A Child. It’s by Naomi Riley. And it takes a look at the American child welfare system. She is an expert and this is a must-read. So, congratulations to you.

WATTERS: All right. Greg, you seem kind of upset you weren’t invited to ring the bell. Are going to be OK?

GUTFELD: I wouldn’t be up. I wouldn’t be up.

COMPAGNO: It was early.

WATTERS: It’s too early for you?

GUTFELD: Who goes down there anymore? Do you even need the stock exchange?

WATTERS: Let’s not get philosophical, OK.

GUTFELD: I mean, like, you could trade — it’s totally unnecessary.

PERINO: It’s actually —

WATTERS: OK, you know what, you’re unnecessary. We’re skipping you.

GUTFELD: Oh, no.

WATTERS: Let’s go to Jesse’s Feeding Frenzy. And this is a special feeding frenzy because Dana Perino actually pitched this. And it’s jelly beans by Brock’s and it’s called Turkey Dinner in Apple Pie and Coffee. So, these are your —

PERINO: Candy corn.

TARLOV: Candy Corn.

WATTERS: Candy corn. I’m reading what’s on the sheet-like a good little boy. And these flavors include green beans, roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrot, sweet potato pie, and stuffing. Should I try the green beans candy corn?

PERINO: So, because — ever since we did baby food blind test, I’ve had the green bean casserole in my taste in my mouth and I wanted to get you back.

TARLOV: Is it horrible?

WATTERS: Wait, this was a payback?

COMPAGNO: This is what you do. Take one and you pass it around. GUTFELD: Nicely done.

COMPAGNO: That’s what happens at a polite dinner table.

PERINO: Yes. I like the coffee one.

WATTERS: The green bean is not great.

PERINO: Cranberry is pretty good.

COMPAGNO: Pass around. No, you take — you take one and then you pass it down the table.

WATTERS: Oh, OK, Miss Manners. It’s my feeding frenzy. If this is going to be gluttonous, it can be gluttonous.

PERINO: Greg, (INAUDIBLE). Do you want the green one?

GUTFELD: No, I’m good.


WATTERS: All right.

TARLOV: The cranberry is good.

WATTERS: Greg, we won’t skip you.

GUTFELD: All right —

WATTERS: Your turn.

GUTFELD: I’m going to be in Memphis, Tennessee at Graceland. Tickets are still available go to ggutfeld.com. You’ll see the date, October 9th. I’ll also be in Birmingham in November, Newark, New Jersey on December 12th. That’s going to be great. So, go there. Catch me in Graceland. It should be fun. I got some special guests. Let’s do this. We haven’t done this in a while. What?

I hate these people. Oh, you know what, everybody get cases on Facebook and Twitter, but you know who we’re not paying attention to, Nextdoor app. Do any of you have Nextdoor app? I signed up for it because I want to — hey, maybe I need a plumber, maybe I need a handyman. It’s for your neighborhood next door app. But the problem is, it won’t stop. All you get are these alerts of people complaining about speeding cars and noisy dogs.

PERINO: It’s nothing but beeping.

GUTFELD: And what’s this in my yard? I can’t tell. Is this a beaver or a tree? I tried — I unsubscribed from Nextdoor app three times and I could not get these stupid alerts, 20, 30 of them from shut-ins, lonely shut-ins. Stop it, Nextdoor app. You were ruining my neighborhood experience.

WATTERS: You’re calling someone else’s shut-in?



GUTFELD: That’s something.

WATTERS: You’ve never left this house? OK. Emily.

COMPAGNO: I am so excited to share with you guys that my Fox Nation Show, “CRIMES THAT CHANGED AMERICA” season 2 dropped yesterday. You will not want to miss this season. We take you in-depth behind the crimes, behind the laws that changed America. And a lot of cases that you might think that you know about like the murder of two-year-old Caylee Anthony led to law changes that you might not know about.

It’s a really brutal, visceral, awesome season you guys go see it on foxnation.com. And don’t forget it’s Fox Justice — Fox Justice Month. So, you can catch brand new two crime docs and specials of the month, only on Fox Nation.

WATTERS: And by the way, I’m binging on Cops on Fox Nation. I haven’t been able to turn it off.

COMPAGNO: And my show. And my show.

WATTERS: And your show. And your show. Jessica, we’ll do this again sometime. That’s it for us. “SPECIAL REPORT” is up next with the evil Shannon Bream.

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