The Best Case for Democrats in the 2020 Election

The Best Case for Democrats in the 2020 Election

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  1. The media has learnt its lesson from 2016 and will give a significant amount more coverage to the Democrat candidate than to Trump. Hillary wanted the media to give Trump exposure as she thought he would be an easy opponent.

    I still think Trump will win though. Those tariffs have guaranteed Trump the rust belt again.

  2. The only best case scenario for Democrats is–if conditions remain as they are at the present moment in politics–at 333 electoral votes. GA, AZ, NC, and TX are not a part of the Democrats' roster. The reasoning for why LTE might include those Sun Belt states is understandable, but regardless of their future prospects (beyond 2020) those states are, nevertheless, static states and not true tossups. Only if by, "best case scenario", LTE meant Trump's worst case scenario could Democrats have the electoral potential laid out in the video. For instance, it is possible that a 2020 climate where, due to a peaking economy, the U.S. falls into a contractionary phase that imminently leads to a recession. Under those circumstances the best case scenario LTE lays becomes possible.

  3. A popular Democrat could effortlessly win Texas most people live in 10 counties . Dallas , Tarrant, Harris , El Paso, Travis, are 30% of Texas with a 60/40 Democrat / Republican split. The ofhe major counties all vote 55/45 Republican/ Democrat. Rural counties vote 70/30 Republican / Democrat in Texas.

  4. I have said a few times before that we may never see an election with a candidate receiving over 400 electoral votes and I still believe that to be true but if Texas ever does go to the Democrats than all bets are off.

  5. You guys are all saying how this is going to happen.. Again, it's a best case scenario and most of the states "voting democratic" are all barely leaning..
    Leaning… in a *best case scenario*. Texas isn't going to flip, at least not for 10 years. Georgia won't flip, Florida will likely stay Republican, Ohio and North Carolina will stay Republican, Arizona will be very close, but at the moment, with no strong Democratic candidate, the rust belt will probably stay republican..
    Don't forget, a lot can happen in 2 years :/

  6. The best case scenario for the Democrats in 2020 is Trump not mopping the floor with their preferred candidate. It's not a matter of will they lose or not, it's just a question of how badly will they lose. Keep spinning your little fantasies buddy, will you delete these predictions when Trump wins again, just like you did last time?

  7. I don’t really see this happening ppl are starting to wake up and see that Donald trump is a top ten president ending the Korean War, ended Korea’s threats towards America, the tax cuts, the unemployment rate in general and the unemployment rate being at a all time low for African Americans, and now ppl r saying “stop separating immigrant families” when in the first place this was going on during Obama’s presidency but hey he’s a Democrat so it’s ok

  8. lol, Texas won't be a toss up in 2020, maybe just lean R but not a toss up, same for GA and AZ. I understand this is a D best chance scenario but even then I don't see these states flipping.

  9. As long as trump keeps the people who voted for him and his party happy I can't see Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, Iowa, Georgia, Arizona and with some trump charm I think he could easily take Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, new Hampshire.

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