The Best Case for Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Election

The Best Case for Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Election

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  1. I think North Carolina could flip. Bernie wouldn't take Arizona. Montana and Alaska would stay red but would be closer than you have them. Nevada and Colorado should be safe blue.

    Rest looks legit.

  2. Even if this is the best case scenario, Mississippi would still be a safe GOP state, along with Missouri, Montana, and Utah. The only way these states would vote Democratic is if the candidate is a centrist.

    No way he'd take Arizona in any scenario.

    However, West Virginia and Kentucky should both be likely states, not safe. He'd do a decent job there.

    Also don't understand how in this scenario Virginia is safe blue and Colorado isn't. Bernie would do much better in Colorado than he would in Virginia.

  3. People are still looking for an outsider. It's the only reason Trump did so well, even many Sanders voters voting for Trump after Sanders didn't get the nomination. This one factor crosses party lines and makes it anyone's race.

  4. So you are in the tank for Joe Biden? LOL. Joe blow is not going to beat the Bern. He is a joke, that only seems good because of falde reporting on missleadi g polls of old people.

  5. I would be curious who you think the Democrats could put up who has a better shot in TX and GA. Elizabeth Warren? Andrew Yang? I guess maybe a case could be made for Beto, but that is a special case that doesn't really have any relevance to getting "Texas-like" states that will be crucial in a near miss in Texas itself.

    An HRC/Jon Ossoff candidate would be completely demolished in a state like Texas.

  6. Regarding Ohio: Bernie's going to have a tough time there. It's not that his message is hated – far from it – but the Ohio GOP has control of the elections and has been known to cheat in the past.

  7. Absolutely I agree Bernie would wipe the floor with Trump in the general. It's the DNC trying to screw him over again in the primaries that we have to be really concerned about.

  8. Cant wait for Bernies 60 percent tax height so we all get free stuff !!! .. At the cost of our freedoms… The bigger the government the smaller the man, he loves big gov.

  9. North Carolina is in shambles right now. Republicans are in a whole mess of trouble after the various crimes they have committed have come to light. Really can't call that state at all until all that shakes out. They could navigate their way through it without losing many voters…or they could crash and burn to the point where no one is willing to come out. It will all be in their PR strategy.

  10. Bernie is not a typical Dem. We all know he appeals to a much wider range of voters. If he manages to get through the primary I think he can win. I just don't trust the DNC or the establishment Dems. But I also see that they are coming to accept more and more that the will of the voters on the left is very supportive of Sanders. The base of the Dem party is the people. The working class voter that is no longer falling for the status quo centrist phony politician. Bernie's biggest asset is his genuine real connection to people and that goes a whole lot further than platitudes and cliches like Beto O'Roarke or Joe Biden dish out. A lot of others are just going to be fighting their records showing us exactly where they stand on the issues and policies that matter. So whether the establishment likes it or not if Bernie is leading the pack they're going to get on board. Otherwise they're conceding to another four years of Trump and his horrendous destruction of American democracy. Give him another two SCOTUS picks and we're screwed for several generations. There's no end to the damage he will cause and the authoritarian nature of his outlook on leadership is totally contrary to anything we've ever seen before. I love the most recent video done on this page in a prediction between Trump and Sanders. If it could really go that way we might have a chance at turning things around for the better.

  11. If you think Biden is the top dog you don't really understand politics.

    The man is already a PR disaster and he hasn't even announced yet. Every time he talks he loses popularity. He doesn't have any policies he's big on, he's basically just a mouth piece. People like Uncle Joe at first because he brings back the nostalgia of the Obama Presidency. For all the Americans who realize that NOTHING happened during that period, they know he isn't going to bring them significant change, it will be status quo as always.

    I honestly don't think he's going to run because he's fully aware of catastrophic failure his campaign will be, he just has thousands of elites around him begging him to run so Bernie doesn't win.

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