The 2020 RealClearPolitics No Toss Ups Electoral Map

The 2020 RealClearPolitics No Toss Ups Electoral Map

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  1. Trump should not be polling above 4% let alone 40% . . . you have to conclude that a huge chunk of the US electorate are dumb tools and racists.

  2. Nevada voted for Hillary in 2016; has two Democratic Senators; a Democratic governor, and three out of four congressional districts are represented by Democrats. Not sure why you'd be surprised that Nevada is leaning more for Biden than it was even for Hillary.

  3. The problem with electoral map predictions is that it is based on current polling numbers which are not always accurate. While it is true that based on current sentiment about COVID-19 that Trump would lose the 2020 Presidential Election at the moment that could certainly change in 100 days. Trump is still in office and he will resort to any measure to get re-elected. He has the Supreme Court on his side and he has Putin and the Russians on his side. I am sure he will try to dig up what ever he and his staff can find about Hunter Biden. They will try to get women to come out from the 1990’s about sexual assault. As such, I don’t put anything past him to turn the tide and will not write him off until it is over. I know this will sound stupid but the only poll that matters is the one that happens on Nov 3. Polls are like people’s opinions or people’s asses everyone has one.

  4. I mean, I think a Biden victory would be way more likely if we weren't in the middle of a pandemic. Generally speaking, Democrats and left-leaning folks are more concerned about covid than conservative and Republican voters. I am pretty concerned this will drive down Democrat turnout.

    While I do think some people are excited to vote against Trump, I'm not sure if it will matter all that much if people are scared to go to their community voting places (especially if voting by mail continues to be denied to many folks).

    What do you all think?

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