This title isn’t CLICKBAIT! Let me explain to you why the 2020 Presidential Election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will not be that hard to predict. At the end of the day only 4-6 states will matter in this election, and they are not all independent from each other. Each state is correlated and exists on a continuum. In my video, I explain it better than I can with words, so watch my video, and let me know what you can think.

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  1. They said the same about Hillary. Not to mention for those who know anything about politics the people vote do not determine who wins the presidency or the popular vote. The delegates chose who becomes president. Which means your vote does not mean shit

  2. Trump will win 270-268, in my latest Prediction. He will carry:
    North Dakota
    South Dakota
    West Virginia
    North Carolina
    South Carolina
    And the state that will get him over the line, will be the crucial Swing state of Wisconsin. Out of all the states in the Rust Belt, Wisconsin is the most Conservative-Leaning and will go to Trump by anywhere between 1 to 2%, putting the state in the "Tilt" column.

    As for Biden, I project him carrying:
    New Mexico
    New York
    New Jersey
    New Hampshire
    Rhode Island
    Washington D.C
    And Hawaii

    Whatever the outcome, this Election will be one of the most agonizingly close elections in U.S Presidential Election history. Strap in, and get ready for a Rollercoaster of emotions on Nov.3rd!

  3. Democrats should really think in advance before they vote, if Trump doesn't win America loses. They have to get over their dislike for Trump and be pragmatic once for all

  4. Right now, Biden is in the lead by a lot, but everyone agrees that 4 months is a lifetime with Donald Trump. One of the narratives that has to change is for Trump to stop "blowing himself up". Every other week, there's a new political problem that drags him down. Whether it's "inject yourself with disinfectant", removing peaceful protesters with teargas so he can hold up a Bible in front of a church, having a rally in a red state during a pandemic where only 1/3 of the people he expected show up. And NOW, for the week of June 28, it's the Russia Bountygate scandal. When does his bad luck end?? This could go on every week for the next 4 months!

  5. It would be fascinating if Maricopa county, Arizona turned out to be the tipping point county which determined final results in the election. It could be the tipping point county for the Senate, as well.

  6. A 269 tie is very possible, there are 2 scenarios for it, if the standard finish of your final map minus the district in Nebraska going for Biden, the 2nd scenario is Trump gets his 249 plus Pennsylvania, but loses Arizona and Wisconsin, its a long shot by any means, but it is possible. He needs an insurance state, and that would be New Hampshire, hopefully Trump can flip it, one thing the pollsters are missing as I see it, is the third party share that will be outstanding from Johnson and McMullin, Jo Jorgenson; she'll get 2% tops, I don't think her share will even hit that, and under 1% from Green and all other small parties, the share of Johnson and McMullin should help Trump out enough in Wisconsin, and Arizona to hold it as far as I see it, the 9.4% spread Nationally is hard to believe, Trump is behind but not by that much, plus the silent majority voters, I'm actually concerned about Florida the most, the seniors have soured on him, he has to win their trust back…

  7. Please do more analysis with more data and charts to fill out the electoral map. The same predictable electoral map day after day, with little analysis or explanation can get rather stale. I like this method.

  8. If the electoral College only gives a Candidate 270, then I'd bet money Congress will be deciding the outcome in January, because I don't think we'll have all 538 electors voting faithfully.

  9. Trump's legacy is four years of constant lies and hatred.
    Truthfully, the only way to recover the USA is with Biden and a dem majority Senate.
    Trump has wasted four years running the presidency through Twitter and spewing constant hatred and lies. What a waste!
    Michelle Obama for vice president would make the USA greater than ever!

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