The 2020 Presidential Election if Roe V Wade is Reversed

The 2020 Presidential Election if Roe V Wade is Reversed

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  1. “Independent women who don’t agree with roe v Wade but believe in small government..” who is this guy? I’ve never heard a women on any political side say that they don’t agree with abortion but feel the government should not be involved. Laughable. Does this guy even know what would happen if roe v Wade was overturned? It does not make abortion illegal. It kicks it to the states.

  2. I want to say I’m more conservative on the matter of abortion as in general I don’t think it’s ok, however most of the conservatives I’ve talked to use the Bible and religion as the reason as to why our federal government should be able to ban something like his however it is completely unconstitutional to do this, it completely goes against the idea of separation of religion and government. We are not an oligarchy so while you can personally condemn because of your religion it is wrong and unethical to control a majority of people based on your religious beliefs in my opinion. That being said I find it extremely dangerous to have abortions become illegal on a federal level as it opens up the door for really unsafe practices and will most likely increase suicide rates.

  3. It's funny how the people that want to take away healthcare, repress wages of average people while helping the rich, deny and do nothing about climate change, could care less about immigrants, are intolerant of others, don't care about education, don't care about gun violence, are warmongers who support unnecessary wars, could care less about animal rights, etc. – supposedly care so deeply about unborn fetuses without sufficiently developed nervous systems and claim and cry (incorrectly of course) that's it's murder!

  4. The Democrats would easily win at least 370 EV if that happened. There would be protests, if not riots in some places. The base would be super energized. Remember that over 70% of Americans support Roe v Wade. The states that Trump won with less than a 10% margin could easily flip.

  5. Roe isn't going anywhere and here is why: A case actually needs to make it to SCOTUS, they need 5 Justices to agree to hear it, which probably won't happen. Why? well Roberts doesn't like major cases being decided 5-4. and (assuming he is confirmed which I'd rate as very likely) Kavanaugh has stated many times he doesn't believe in overturning Precedent. So it probably wouldn't even Make it to SCOTUS, and if it did, even though Kavanaugh and Roberts are Conservative, Their tendiencies and stated positions regarding Precedent indicate that it would more than likely not be overturned.

  6. I’d say Georgia would flip as well, the African-American woman demographic would likely turn out at historic levels if Roe v. Wade was overturned, while Georgia’s Republicans, which are primarily social conservatives, would likely stay home now that they’ve got their victory

  7. Remember people, neither party's base decides elections. Swing voters do. It doesn't matter how much trump supporters will like it or how much democrats will hate it, all that matters is what moderates and independents think.

  8. This guy has absolutely no understanding of politics whatsoever. Every time either party tries to use social issues to galvanize voters, it backfires on the party pushing it. Polling actually states the opposite that a slim majority of voters are oppposed to abortion on demands or would like to see abortions made illegal in some cases. The Democrats right now are currently the extremists on abortion as they believe a woman should have an abortion even minutes before the birth of the baby, no questions asked. Not all pro-lifers are men and all pro-choicers are women. It’s almost 50/50 gender wise on both sides of the issue. And also the fact that Roe v Wade if reversed wouldn’t totally ban abortions. It would become a state issue.

  9. The only excuse for an abortion is either rape, or the mother's health is in danger, and that is the max, and you can't get one after 6-9 weeks, whichever suits everyone. I'm against abortion, but we have to find some common ground.

  10. Yo you need to stop Talking about This stuff With The Election did you know this if The Democrat they are going to stealing the Election Maps If the Democrat win The Election They will Starting Civil war and World war 3

  11. You know that Abortion is genocide. Planned Parenthood was founded with the goal of ending the black race. 35% of aborted babies are black. It makes me sick to my stomach 😭.

  12. If roe v Wade was reversed, Trump would get more support from Catholics because the Catholic Churches are all pro life and that would give more votes to Trump bc the court is more gop then dem

  13. Except Roe v Wade being overturned isn’t just a pro-life/pro-choice thing; it’s a constitutional thing. First of all, if it were overturned, it wouldn’t be banned, it would go back to the states.

    Also, there are many pro choice/begrudgingly pro choice people who want Roe v Wade overturned (Alan Dershowitz) on the grounds that it’s judicial activism and that there is no basis in the constitution for court to rule on abortion; and instead, the legislature should take care of it.

    And in general, many Americans’ views on abortion are pretty nuanced and grey area- with many people actually not taking a stance.

  14. I think if the Supreme Court reverses R v. W, then Democrats will likely work hard for an amendment one way or another. If Democrats win enough state legislatures and both houses of Congress, they could do it before 2020. But 2020 will be another blue wave year resulting in even more Democratic control, and they'll get their amendment by then eventually. So it doesn't matter too much if the Court reverses R v. W. The amount of public outrage would be enough for an amendment. So in the end, there is no win for Republicans on the abortion issue.

  15. I feel they should repeal it as a federal law. It should be a state decided law because people from different states have a much different view on the issue. In general we should give a lot more of our laws to our state governments as they can more accurately reflect their peoples views.

    I see both sides of the controversy and personally I support the right to have an abortion but I am a young conservative. But you must also see the opposing side and realize that you are essentially ending someones opportunity to live. It does not matter what defines alive or whatever the pro-abortion side defines as being a human being, eventually every aborted baby would have been born and become a human. But at the same time you need to look at other factors that are involved such as with young pregnancies, a baby born to two 20 year olds with little income are stacking the odds against their success and can hurt their success in life.

    This issue is a lot more regional than more people realize. I grew up in New York and most people were ok with abortions taking place but after I went to school in Ohio I met a lot more people who were anti-abortion and did not like that they occurred. So in my opinion abortions should not be banned but just delegated to states and let the issue be determined at that level and make it a more decent process.

    Let me know what you guys think I love talking about these issues.

  16. Overturning roe v wade wouldn’t criminalize abortion but rather allow states to make the decision. While conservative state make it illegal states like California would never! Overturning roe v wade would be good as it would allow people to live in states the have the abortion beliefs and move if not

  17. There's another Democratic candidate that nobody is talking about right now. I'm sure he is waiting to see who else is running before he throws his hat into the ring. That man is Micheal Bloomberg. If you remember he offered to run in 2016 if the DNC didn't think Hillary could beat Trump. Any chance you could do a prediction if Bloomberg decides to run? There's probably not a lot of polling data on him to make a fair assessment of his chances against Trump but I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.

  18. More women voted for Trump in 2016, and a majority of the pro-life activists are women. Plus, if it were overturned, it wouldn’t go right back the other way immediately. Republicans have been settling in for a marathon to keep the courts under their control, so the only thing Democrats could do is pack the courts, which is strongly opposed by both parties. The bigger issue would be in state elections.

  19. I understand that many Republicans demand roe v wade to be overturned but that would simply be poticial suicide and hurt the party in the women and minority demographics.

  20. Blue Wave in 2018…
    Impeach and imprison tRump
    Blue Victory in 2020…
    Reverse all the screw ups of facist dick-tater Comrade Donnie, Putin's boot lick…
    You are welcome America!
    Really Making America Fair Again!

  21. You guys(commenters) want to reverse Roe v Wade but are ok with brown children being psychologically damaged by separating them from their parents. You're pro birth you don't care about children's lives.

  22. Personally, it's not a bad thing for conservative having the majority on the supreme court because the supreme court doesn't make law they interpret law and treat the US constitution as a living document that should always be followed by the courts. If liberals want to legalize abortion in this country they should be working with conservatives, reactionaries, radicals and centrist to amend the constitution to legalize Roe V Wade, that's how gay marriages should of been legalized, by amending the constitution, and I know it is hard to do but nothing comes easy in life. It's all about working hard to make your dreams come true.

  23. Actually, it may help Trump. The religious and pro-lifers would really be happy. Hillary got 45% of the Catholic vote. Trump could get 70+ if Roe is overturned. People would want to keep him in office.

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