The 2020 Presidential Election Based on Trump's Approval Ratings

The 2020 Presidential Election Based on Trump's Approval Ratings

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  1. Democrat will have low approval numbers in most of the states too….going to really come down to the lesser of 2 evils yet again….give third parties a chance.

  2. Few factors that will be key in 2020 that weren't in 2016: midterm elections of 2018 that went democrat in crucial swing states, voters judging trumps experience as president, hillary isn't running, and democrats who stayed at home thinking hillary had it won who are now pissed. As long as the democratic candidate doesn't have an overblown scandal occur just before the election, the democratic candidate should win.

  3. Its unlikely the state legislatures of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Florida will allow their EC votes to go to the Dems. Its likely the Supreme Court will disallow sufficient votes to hand the election to Trump. ROLLS EYES

  4. Never forget that the electoral college can just ignore the popular vote and do whatever they want. So it's THEIR jobs, THEIR reelection that needs to be questioned and threatened by the voters if they refuse to accurately represent the wishes of the majority/popular vote.

  5. From the same brainiacs who guaranteed Hillary was our next president because of her 98% chance to win. And before you make any asinine comments, I didn't vote for Trump. If you believe this video, you have the IQ of a turnip. So…who's your candidate? You actually think "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala will have these numbers? Or Warren? Seriously…this is the stupidest video. How did Trump win in the first place? Because he faced off against a criminal that was worse than him. You might want to wait to see which lunatic the Dems parade out as their nominee before you start celebrating!

  6. Basically he will lose. His approval rating will guarantee losing Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona and Nebraska 2nd.

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