The 2020 Maine Senate Race | Analysis

The 2020 Maine Senate Race | Analysis

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  1. STOP voting in these far leftist ,globalist, white guilt riddled , self loathing dumbocrats!!! They are mentally ill with their extremist anti Western anti Caucasian agenda. Take your lovely state back or lose your tourists ,idiots!

  2. Could you do Nebraska please. I rather find information as far as politics from someone like your channel. I seen Deb Fisher is in the Unpopular category which subsequently I am from. It would be really nice! I know chances of the state being flip are very slim 😒 but some history on it would be nice ☺️👍🏾

  3. Well that turnout might be lower because of Coronavirus. We don't know if we will able to go to the polls. Vote by mail will be difficult and take time. Hopefully we will go back to normal by November 3rd

  4. Collins was targeted when she approved Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Democrats circled it as a must win and they will get it. Collins has waffled on every tough decision and has sided with Trump most of the time. That will have a political price. Collins loses this race by 3-5 points.

  5. Former Maine Senator Olympia Snow made Susan Collins look more moderate than she was. Moderately progressive Snow voted for Obamacare in committee and Republican pressure and hatred made her change her vote. She retired the following year with a blistering speech against the GOP. Susan Collins managed to hold on in 2014 because of "blame Obama" mantra, but her the lone Republican Senator on the East Coast with Trump in office, she's exposed.

  6. I was thinking Collins was going to win, but with her lead waining to Democrats and with her being out spent. Maine might go Democratic and definitely increases the likelihood of a Democratic Senate. Still unlikely but looking better for Democrats. As of now, I’d give Democrats a 4 in 10 chance of retaking the Senate.

  7. Do Alabama, a Democratic seat that will flip easily. Do a Michigan one eventually as well, Gary Peters is very much is at risk of at losing his seat.

  8. Hey kid, it has been a couple of years since I last watched one of your political commentary videos and not much has changed unfortunately.

    Your political commentary is sub-par and in-depth knowledge of the current U.S. political arena is not even close to what is expected from someone who runs a YouTube channel that is closing on to 40k subscribers. Need some polishing up and deliver your statements from a more neutral point of view, instead of your obvious progressive standpoint.

    However, one thing has changed, it is obvious your balls have dropped finally and you sound more like a man, instead of a young adolescent girl with a high-pitched voice reverberating the same old news from the political section of the daily New York Times.

  9. As democrat I like(or liked) sen.Collins for her bipartisanship and moderacy,we need more people of this type in DC. Not left or right wingers,but politics of unity and dignity. And I believe that Susan Collins was politician of this type,but after most of republican party turned into Trump party Susan Collins become a flip-flopper,she betrayed her principles in order to seat on two chairs. That's why I think she should be ousted and I see Sarah Gideon as better choice for Maine.

  10. She is a spineless slime ball. If she can’t grow a pair and represent her constituency either in accordance with the law or how her voters expect her to be, she doesn’t deserve her seat. That’s why her voters are furious with her and while her Kavanaugh vote started the wild push to take her out, it’s not until she decided not to convict Trump that she showed herself to be no better than Moscow Mitch.

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