The 2020 House Election Results Were Very Shocking

The 2020 House Election Results Were Very Shocking

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  1. Interesting, the democrats picked up seats in swing states that Biden won, but overall they lost seats.
    How, does that add.
    Also in 17 of the 18 historically swing counties, and that doesn’t make you pause.

  2. The House elections can be explained by Never Trump republicans and Conservative Democrats. They voted Biden, but also voted for Republicans in the House and Senate, thus making the Democrats underperform in the legislature. They did this as a check to Biden's power.

    More cross party voters voted Biden and Repulbicans than Trump and Democrats.

  3. Honestly, I think it’s a matter of running the right candidate in the right place and outreach. Bernie is progressive and evidently did well with Hispanic voters in Nevada during the primary while Joe did well with black voters which won him South Carolina. Figuring out how to appeal to specific districts depending on demographics will really boost democrats chances of wining. They also need to market a whole hell of a lot better. The dems complaining about socialism and defunding the police damaging them are being ignorant. Of course if you let your opponent define your candidacy they will paint you in a dishonest way to mislead voters. You have to get to voters and actually talk policy or you will not win your race. I live in IN-5 which was a tossup that went Republican. The democrat, Christina Hale, frankly did an awful job with outreach. I saw her opponent’s name and ads all over the place and none of her’s. It’s disappointing, but expected. Things can change, but the democrats must too.

  4. Much of the election fraud only flipped votes from Trump to Biden, not effecting the down ballot votes. Most of those who cast for A president, also voted for the same party across the board. These fake new narrators know that. Its been decades sense people voted across the isle for balance. This election is still a tossup as to which party controls each of four branches of government going forward, however if the president is flipped because of election fraud, that doesn't mean the fraud acknowledgement will effect the down ballot. Also, on Jan5th, the election fraud system will not have been repaired substantially in the runoff for two Senate seats in Georgia so regardless, neither side will be happy. All this video demenstrate is that massive fraud accured in all states, not just swing.

  5. Nah, BIDEN IS NOT the president elect. IT"S NOT OVER. Just wait and see….it's coming… About 38 MILLION VOTES OF TRUMP WERE SWITCHED OVER TO BIDEN by the Dominion-Elite-Soro's Voting Machines…How about that a?? Do you demonrats think that Trump and everyone else will just forget it and move on??? A fake victory by CHEATING AND STEALING of Biden's??? NOT SO!!!


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  8. How did the Republicans win seats when not one pundit expected them to? Well, Horn lost in Oklahoma, Cunningham lost in SC, and McAdams lost in Utah. No pollsters thought all 3 would lose, but they were not surprising results because those are all red states and improved Republican turnout was able to flip them. Now for the surprises-

    Let's start with my home state of NJ- it was very surprising that the turncoat Jeff Van Drew won reelection, considering NJ is a deep blue state that doesn't reward disloyalty. Also, every House Democrat won reelection, even those who won ever so slightly in 2018. Van Drew should be a prime target in 2022 because he signed Paxton's treasonous lawsuit.

    All the brand new Latino Trump cultists ousted Donna Shalala and Debbie Murcasal Powell. Polls didn't account for all the Latinos that Trump brainwashed. That's also why Democrats couldn't make any gains in Texas either.

    Finally, Iowa is full of Trump cultists in rural areas who don't respond to pollsters. If they did, the polls would have anticipated Republicans making gains. Also, there were a number of Biden voters who voted straight R down the rest of the ticket.

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