The 2020 Governor Elections as of April 30th, 2020

The 2020 Governor Elections as of April 30th, 2020

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  1. If you'd go back in MO governor's races, we flip. It goes back and forth. Since 85, even as we have gotten more red, it's been alternating. 3 of each have been elected. (Carnahand died and Grietens resigned.)

  2. The democrats really need to get a grip on the north east if they want more Governors and more seats in the senate, its a disgrace they are not winning in Vermont or New Hampshire.

  3. As a West Virginian, our governors race will be VERY close. It all depends on who Ton Stollings, the likely Dem nominee is. If he’s a national Democrat like Biden or Pelosi, he absolutely gets crushed. If he’s a WV Democrat like Manchin, Rockefeller, or Byrd he will win.

  4. In terms of the three 2020 races in North Carolina, Roy Cooper will win reelection definitely, the presidential and Senate races are in toss-ups right now, with new polling data showing Tillis running ahead of Trump in terms of margin but still losing. If Biden wins in NC, and democrats ended up gaining control of the senate because of NC, they definitely need to thank you Cooper, as he might be able to have enough coattails to carry both races for democrats.

  5. Not tryna be mean but u are kinda bias and I live in NC and it will probably go to Forrest the reason cooper won in 2016 was to get pat McRoy cause he was a awful governor and Roy Cooper isn’t especially now

  6. Didn’t Chris Sununu accuse people of busing in to New Hampshire and voting for Hillary? But then they found only 6 accounts of voter fraud of which 4 were accidental…

  7. So the only poll I can find from the Montana governor election is by the Democrats and it still has Gianforte in the lead by 2%. Bullock winning the senate seat is far from guaranteed so kinda silly to expect him to tow Cooney over the finish line.

  8. "2022 will be the next time that we can talk about governor's races"
    Phil Murphy (NJ) and Ralph Northam (VA), both up for re-election in 2021: Am I a joke to you?

  9. 2020 is going to be very close. Be very exiting. I predicting 23-24 Democrats and 25-26 Republicans for Governor.
    I’m predicting 48-50 Democrats and 50-52 Republicans for Senate and 230-235 Democrats and 200-205 Republicans for House. And I predict a Trump victory 270-290 and 250-270 for Biden for EV rage.

  10. Polling has him as one of the most popular but if you talk to anyone in our state we hate him… and the Lt Governor is very popular. Hallquoist got +40% and she barely campaigned (because she received death threats) so idk if he will actually win. Polling has him as winning but if you talk to Vermonters we hate him (republicans, leftists, and democrats). I’m in the reddest (or second reddest) county and if you go around and talk to people they don’t like him. So I don’t think it would take much for someone to beat him but we’ll have go wait to see.

  11. I’m excited for Nov 3rd, 2020. Of course presidential election is the big thing but then the senate and house races will be exciting as well and who can forget about these governor races.

  12. It's sad because a lot of Montanans (including myself) voted for Gianforte in the special election and again in 2018 because we didn't like him and thought if we elected him to our one at large district we could eject him from Montana and keep him in Washington. The truth is, he's a rich carpet-bagger from the east coast. Montanans are generally pretty xenophobic when it comes to our internal elections and we don't like outsiders representing us. Matt "Maryland Matt" Rosendale lost his 2018 challenge to Jon Tester in large part because he was an out of state land developer who came in and bought up a bunch of farmland. I will definitely be voting for the democratic candidate for governor.

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