The 2020 Electoral Map Under a Proportional System

The 2020 Electoral Map Under a Proportional System

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  1. That IT is Even close, says so much about America and Americans and AS a European, I am shocked of The crueliti of this man that calls himself – and in fact is- president. I van't say Trump and PR.. in The same sentence- IT hurts

  2. This isn't proportional representation. Under proportional representation each candidate would receive roughly the same percentage of delegates as their share of the popular vote. For example in California Hillary beat Donald Trump with 61.73% vs 31.62% of the vote, so Hillary would win about 35 delegates, Trump 18, and Gary Johnson and Jill Stein would each have 1 for their small percentage of votes. The whole point of the electoral college is kind of undermined by assigning delegates in this way, because you might as well just have a nationwide popular vote which is directly proportional. But here's a Danish website that shows how we could do this if we wanted to

  3. I saw a post the other day, which I already knew, because I added them up, which said the 11 states with the most electoral votes, if they all voted the same way, would elect the President, because they total exactly 270, which is the minimum a candidate needs to keep the election from being referred to Congress.

  4. I'd kinda like to see a truly Proportional System 2020 Election Map. What I mean is the actual percent of votes in each state is distributed to candidates based on population, with the senatorial votes given to the majority party.
    Example: In the 2016 elections California would have 53 proportionate votes and 2 majority votes. The voting tally was 61.73% Dems, 31.62% Reps, 3.37% Libs, 1.96 Grns, and 1.32 distributed among lesser candidates. This results in 33 electoral votes for the Dems, 17 for the Reps, 2 for the Libs, and 1 for the Grns, as the Dems won the majority they also get the majority vote as well for a total of 35.
    I know there are definitely issues with this, but Gerrymandering is one of my most hated aspects of our political system and this idea, I believe, would do away with it entirely.

  5. Keep the colors as it is right now. Grey map on black background. It's easier on the eyes than the white backgrounds. I actually have my YouTube app on a dark background with white letters. Congratulations on your 45k subscribers. I am the (one and only) from Peru?

  6. I believe elections are held to let the people have their say about the government, so it doesn't matter if the system is more "complicated" than the awful and unrepresentative winner-take-all (and let alone faithless electors), if a new system is more representative. Anyway for us Europeans it is astronomically difficult to understand why the president is elected by the States and not by the People. It was a wonderful idea back in 1788 but now it should be abolished or at least reformed

  7. There are multiple options of reform instead of the congressional district method, which is useful anyway in small states such as ME, NE, KS. An alternative could be a proportional allocation of electoral votes in larger states and the congressional district methods in smaller states

  8. Somebody check my math. The current, electoral college (winner-takes-all) version of this same map gets each candidate the exact same number of electoral votes. That seems like it should be weird.

  9. The worst part about the electoral college is that your vote for president is essentially worthless unless you happen to live in a one of the handful of swing states. That puts a major damper on turnout.

  10. Under this system, Biden can win Ohio and only get 6 votes while Trump gets 12, same with north carolina. These states need a redo on their congressional map ASAP.

  11. For a second I had thought he said, “Welcome back, today is June 2016-“ and my brain was like, “Ahh, the days without a pandemic, riots, and Trump.” But nope, here we are. 😫

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