In this video, I expose the fact that it is really not that hard to predict electoral outcomes. Everyone got the 2016 election wrong because they simply did not account for Donald Trump’s “Silent Majority” base that turned out in the Rust Belt. However, if a political scientist had accounted for this as a possibility, it would not be that hard to predict actually. In this video, I dive into that exact fact but stand by the claim that only 6 states will actually be competitive in the 2020 Presidential Election: Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

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  1. I really think this is a Biden win. The margins were very small in Michigan, PA, etc. in 2016 and Trump has a very low approval rating. The difference is that I don’t think Trump’s base has grown since 2016. It hasn’t shrunk much, but it’s basically the same people. Meanwhile, there are a lot of people consolidated against Biden and the Democratic “anti-Trump” base seems to be growing. Not to mention, the millions who have turned 18 since 2016 who are overwhelmingly Democrat and liberal, as well as we’re probably going to see higher black turnout due to BLM and Trump’s latest rhetoric.

  2. Actually the older people in Florida might be why Florida flips this election cycle. According to FiveThirtyEight, in 2016 Trump had a 13 point lead with older voters, this election cycle Trump has a 1 point deficit.

    That's not saying it's going to stay that way, but this would represent a huge change from 2016 and even 2018, since this appears to have happened after the Coronavirus pandemic. This could change things quite a bit in the Sunshine State. I don't think the addition of ex-felons will significantly impact the election results, and I don't know if other Republicans in Florida will suffer from Trump or not, depends on if Republican voters just vote against Trump or just don't show up at all.

  3. This guys gives the benefit of the doubt always to Donald Trump. No matter what else is going on in the world or that state. McSally is going to get crushed in AZ and will pull Trump down also.

  4. I think most states will vote the same way they voted in 2016. Michigan is the most likely to swing to the Democratic column; Trump only carried it by 10,000 votes. Michigan by itself though is not enough to give Joe Biden a victory; he has to win Michigan and Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is a mystery at this point, but I believe it is the most pivotal state in this year's election.

  5. I am going to go out on a limb here and say Biden will win. Although, my heart says trump will. In saying that the advantage is traditionally with the incumbent and the EC favors the republican candidates.
    My biggest reason why I am going to say biden takes it, is because trump's support among the alt right has cratered. I know people don't agree with me, but I believe they were a huge factor in 2016. The provided the energy, the MEMES, and fun to trump's campaign.
    However, trump did not deliver for them. Infact they see him now as just another republican. The Alt Right is not the powerhouse it was in '16 and they are apathetic over trump this year.

  6. The polls weren't completely off they had Hillary Clinton to win the National vote by 3% with a margin of error of 3%, they also had Hillary to win Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida by less than 3% with a margin of error of 3% the only state they where way off was Wisconsin which was probably due to people just presume Hillary would win so there was a lack of polling

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