The 2020 Election Is Here — and Trump Is Trying to Steal It: A Closer Look

The 2020 Election Is Here -- and Trump Is Trying to Steal It: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Trump threatening to prematurely declare victory and steal the election through the courts.

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The 2020 Election Is Here — and Trump Is Trying to Steal It: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

The 2020 Election Is Here — and Trump Is Trying to Steal It: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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  1. Comparing Obama to Trump is like comparing apples to oranges!
    By the by, Obama was one of the greatest presidents since Clinton, JFK and and Seth Myers. :-). We love you.

  2. A diva have never heard of a male referred to as a Diva. Also no way Pavarotti would have backed this dictator like many people who have memory of WW11 taught to us all by parents or grandparents. Italians that moved here to Aust constantly warned us all to pass on what happened in Italy, Germany to make sure there is never again a Musilini or Hitler whenever see any country going down that road needs to be stopped before they can take over as know where it can lead with manipulation of the poor.

  3. Months before the election, Trump's advisors told him that he cannot possibly win the election.Trump's intentional mishandling of the pandemic and the resulting genocide and economic crash made it impossible for him to win. Trump used his rallies to rile up enough hostility to support him in his outright coup attempt. You have heard the term bloodless coup. Trump unleashed a bloody coup attempt. Some countries would execute someone on the spot for this. Others would have a trial and then an execution. Being America and a democracy, we say that we cannot do that. We do need to do something swiftly that acts as a deterrent as Trump and his base continue to plot to overthrow the government. Trump and his children are plotting to turn America into a dictatorship. They are aware that the white supremacists in this country are willing to use force to support anyone who supports their aim, as they say, "Trump is our guy!" People on the left must unify to prevent this coup. Even if Trump is in prison, it will not stop. Don Jr will step in to take his place. We are facing what Germany was facing in the 30's, a Nazi/KKK movement.

  4. How many certifiable idiots live in the United States? I’m just trying to gauge how much of a dystopian waking nightmare I’m actually living in on a daily basis.


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  6. Watching these videos of Trump criticizing liberal "mobs" while inciting GOP mobs is extra painful post-insurrection. Why his supporters support him goes beyond me. I think they all have to be stupid and/or crazy.

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