The 2020 Election if Democrats Outperform 2016 by 1%

The 2020 Election if Democrats Outperform 2016 by 1%

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  1. HAHAHA, donald winning NYstate…., the state where he bought an ad to get the parkland 5 convicted…
    NY knows how racist donald is! So save to say: NY won´t vote for the orange-utan!!!

  2. Thanks. I look at the election of 2020 in a macro sense. Clinton actually did better from '92 (43% and 370 EV's) to '96 (49% and 379 EV's), in part due to a good economy and a general feel that America was advancing techwise. Bush 43 rose from 47.9% and 271 EV's in 2000 to 50.7% and 286 EV's in 2004; in 2004 the economy was doing just fine and he was able to beat back John Kerry's arguments against the Iraq War. Obama actually went down from 53% (365 EV's) to 51% (330 EV's) from 2008 to 2012. The economy was doing much better by 2012, but Romney was a better candidate than McCain but of course no match fro Obama as a campaigner. And 2020? There has been no other election year like this with both a national crisis and a once-in-100-year character like Donald Trump at the same time; the closest is 1980 (Reagan over Carter). So, don't be surprised by the final results no matter what they are. I still say that the election of 2020 will be a mess and not decided for weeks.

  3. The problem for Trump is he had about 5 million people that voted for President Obama in 2012 that switched over to Trump in '16. Without them he can't win. He's thrown those voters under the bus. Also, Hillary stupidly wrote off Ohio, did not go to Wisconsin, not enough to Michigan or Pennsylvania in '16. All states the President Obama and Vice President Biden won in '08 and '12. Biden and the Democrats will not make that same mistake. Ohio is winnable for Biden if he goes for it.

  4. the economy is utterly destroyed and the gov't cannot keep printing dollars, Trump's arrogance and neglect gave the virus 2 months to spread and destroy the economy. TRUMP AND republicans will be wiped out on Nov.3,2020.

  5. We should never underestimate how much Hillary was looked untrustworthy by 59% of the american people in the 2016 exit poll. Also 54% of Americans were unfavourable of her.

  6. I disagree! Trump is NOT a STRONG candidate. He gets his bread buttered by butt-kissers & people behind the scenes pulling strings. Hillary was onto that, pointed it out & that is a large reason she was unpopular. That, & the audience (base) is kind of uneducated!

  7. I have a strong feeling that the margin of Biden victory will be much larger in this 2020 election. And don't give the Trump's any ideas of having their snot nose snobby idiot fake, "better than us" relatives run in 2024. I'm sick of them. ENOUGH!

  8. bruh please respond to this because you lack to include in your videos when you talk about the rust belt the only state he had a chance to win was PA and wisconsin was the most “democratic” and MI and WI were not even being talked about for him to win and he won and hillary had much bigger leads then joe does and he still won so what does that say she was supposed to get 300 EV and you don’t even have joe getting 300 plus please respond bruh please

  9. Being from CT myself, I can 100% guarantee, from a ground perspective, we were definitely a swing state. The only reason we were blue was because there has been absolutely not crack down on people taking advantage of the system. Many people think our state is just a big city because of our location between NYC and Boston but it is definitely not. As soon as you leave Hartford, Waterbury, and Fairfield County, you see that the state is mainly a rural fringe with people holding liberal perspectives yet holding true to conservative values

  10. Biden will lose Wisconsin, to many 3rd party votes left on the table from 2016, even if the Black vote is at a maxium, there is only a 6.5% African American population there.

  11. What do you think about the 538 “Confidence Interval” pondering the hypothetical situation where Trump becomes the GOP nominee in 2024 if he loses the election? This could make for an interesting video/prediction!

  12. I’m black and loads of other blacks are voting trump for first time we have lowest unemployment ever and my job is going very well , I would advise black people especially after Biden made that comment about us we aren’t democrat

  13. First thing Biden should do if elected is get rid of Electoral College. After that the GOP is more or less dead Nationally. Dems win AZ NC IA ME. Trade war and Corona disrupted farmers and small business owners in Iowa. Minorities women and seniors are pulling for Dems in Arizona.

  14. 9:31 How was Wisconsin the least expected of the big three to go to Trump in '16. Michigan and Pennsylvania was more expected than Wisconsin? If anything, Wisconsin is the least likely to go to Trump in 2020 among the key northern states.

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